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This would change the financial experts you listen to

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It matters who you learn about money from. There is a reason 99% of the world’s population competes for 1% of the resources. And it is not the fault of the rich or the ultra-rich. Instead, it is those the 99% listen to for financial advice. There is one word in the definition of economics that is the root of the problem. And that is the word, “scarcity”. Economics operates on the premise that there is scarcity and hence resources have to be rationed. This is why economics professors look to manage what is. They cannot think of possibilities or…

And people kept asking, so this is “End of Discussion”

Photo of my new book. Available for preorder now on Amazon

A few months back I got a call from my aunt. I was sitting on my sofa and I heard my phone ring. I went to my desk to pick it up. I was a bit surprised it was my aunt because we don’t talk that much (even though we had a good relationship). What’s more surprising was when she asked, “how is bitcoin?”

Now, my aunt is a very old-school kind of person when it comes to money. She wouldn’t invest in what she doesn’t understand or can’t see. She doesn’t even own stocks. She owns real estate. With…

Few people get richer, many get kinda poorer

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This is not new. It has happened before and it will most likely happen again. After 2008, the US financial system made laws and regulations not to allow what happened to happen again. But there is always a blind spot. The global economy is so intricately connected that it just takes one greedy person in the right position to ruin it all. And that person doesn’t have to be in your country. When you have a $300 billion debt and you can’t pay it back, you have only two options.

Two Options

The first option is much of what happened with the…

As long as they are not total a**holes

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The real advantage of people born into wealthy families is that they grew up with wealthy people having high expectations of them. Their rich parents have high expectations of them. Friends of their parents who are also rich have a high expectation of them. Wealthy relatives also have high expectations of them. They grew up into it such that they don’t know anything different. And it affects the way they think and live. Most people grow up with no important person having great expectations of them.

Rich kids have subconscious programming based on this simple fact. And you will discover…

And you don’t have to explain why to anybody

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If you have an outrageous financial goal that you can’t even mention to your close friends, that is a good thing. Never listen to anyone who tells you that it is a bad thing and it is based on greed. As long as you are not planning to wrongfully take what belongs to someone else, you are not out of line. The desire for expansion is what is building up inside you. And you should give it expression.

You are made to expand. Most people mistake happiness with fear. Happiness is not contentment with what you have. Happiness comes from…

Figuring out pricing is not as simple as you would think

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Making enough money to fund your lifestyle by being an online creator is not as instant as many think it is, even if you have 1 million followers. You must understand that your followers are people like you. And you probably don’t wake up with the thought of sending an online creator money. This can get complicated. The moment you think you have figured something out, something else shows up in its place that you didn’t know existed.

So, as a shortcut to your journey, these are some of the hurdles of making money online that people rarely admit:

1. Coming Up with a Product


That’s why they stay rich

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People who regret their buying decision put less confidence in their ability to buy. And it goes on to affect their ability to sell. The best people in sales are generous buyers. And generous buyers are people who have not allowed buyer’s remorse to weaken the confidence of their buying decision. Rich people (that stay rich) get buyer’s remorse like everyone else, but they handle it differently so they can keep up their buying confidence. Here are 5 ways they do this:

1. Not Rationalizing What They Want

Have you ever bought something that you believe is worthwhile, and you talked to someone who changed your…

First, I stumbled on it. Now, I apply it like a formula

Snapshot of one of my top viral posts. Now over 158k

What does this have to do with financial success? Well, everything. You can’t grow rich if you don’t make money. You can’t make money if you don’t sell. You can’t sell if you don’t get attention. You won’t get attention if you don’t know what makes viral content viral.

I stumbled on this in January 2020. And since then, it got my attention. What do viral contents have that others do not? So, I began researching and testing. And after over 400 articles, I have a framework I can teach others.

My search was not limited to articles. I considered…

Maybe one would resonate with you

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The secret of super success is specialized knowledge that suddenly grows in demand. That is the kind that makes billionaires. Whether it is Micheal Bloomberg with the tech designed for Wall Street or Bill Gates with the software to run computers. Being early with a trend that is about to go mainstream is important to making billions. But there are smart investments that made the opportunity worthwhile. Here are some of them:

1. They Learned from the Best Regardless of the Cost

Nobody is born with knowledge from the womb. Everybody learns from somebody. People grow up to become mediocre because they learned from mediocre people. …

One-sentence answers to 7 real-life questions

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Question 1:

I work a regular job and I don’t like it. The pay is small and I don’t enjoy it in any way. But I need the money. I have been trying to get another job but nothing is showing up yet. What do I do?

One-sentence answer: Love where you are

Long answer: Whether you agree with it or not, your repulsive attitude towards your current job is rubbing off on all your attempts towards getting something better. The challenge seems to be getting something better. But that is just the fog. …

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