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“…the 8th wonder of the success world”

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Darren Hardy, the author of The Compound Effect, says that success is a result of small insignificant little choices that compounds over time. It is no secret that small choices add up to big results. The effect of those choices in the immediate term can be invisible. For example, poor people make the choice to stay poor every day but they just don’t know it. Rich people also make the choice every day to either stay rich or go bust.

Here are some simple small choices that create wealth when compounded over a long time:

The Small Choice to Go the Extra Mile

Most people in the middle…

If you don't think so, you can't

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The amount of money you make in a year is based on your courage to dare big things. Most people get conditioned into little ideas. Whenever they think of big ideas, they automatically think inferior of themselves. The first step to riches is to feel that you deserve the amount of money you want.

If you don’t feel like you deserve it, you will find it difficult to get it. You must not merely hope or wish. You must get to the point where you feel cheated if you don’t get it. Entrepreneurship begins with this reorganization of the mindset.

Excluding winning the lottery

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Have you met someone who went from being another average person on the street to super-rich status? Maybe they are not even as smart as you are. One moment they are just another face in the crowd, the next moment they are looking like they were born into a wealthy family. What changed? What in the world did they do?

Here is a list of 15 things that could bring such transformations in a very short amount of time. And this excludes the lottery. The lottery is excluded because lottery winners rarely become sustainably rich. …

The hard part wasn’t getting the contract

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We were supposed to talk for about an hour. But the next time I looked at my watch, three hours have already gone by. It wasn’t a casual catching-up discussion. It was business. It was all about how the contract worth $200 million came and how it was going to be carried out successfully. Others have failed. How is this going to be successful?

The contract was to supply a certain mineral resource from a country (that has the raw material) to a buyer country. The mineral resource is a metal that will be mined from the ground. And if…

49 things to know if you are thinking of visiting

Instead of camel riding, I was in my hotel room sleeping most of the time (Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash)

Towards the end of October 2020, a friend challenged me to go spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai. It was sudden but I accepted the challenge. That challenge was going to completely throw my finances off balance. It was a trip I just didn’t plan for. And December was close already. Anyway, I kept taking one step at a time and I ended up spending the last few days of 2020 and the first few days of 2021 in the modern Arabian city.

I am harvesting all the good things that happened during that period on the evening I write…

You interpret them into figures and you may have been wrong

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Almost everybody who has never made a million dollars would like to make a million dollars (if you ask them). But if you ask them what they would do with the money, many would build castles in the air. And you can discover several different things too. For example, they give you a list of everything they want and you do the maths and then realize that $150K will take care of everything on the list. So, the million-dollar goal was false? Well, not exactly.

Financial Freedom is More Like Financial “are we there yet?”

Continuing with the $1M to $150K example, the problem is that there was no correlation…

The poverty of poor people is what they believe reality is

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Your financial condition is a product of what you think the reality is. The purpose of words and information from a platform like Rich Culture is to cause you to question and rethink what you believe as reality. Every time someone says to “get real”, that is always someone who doesn’t know the secret of reality. The big secret of reality is that reality is not real. You create yours.

“Would You Believe What Just Happened?”

Have you ever met a kid who believes so much in the existence of Spider-Man? You can’t tell him that Spider-Man doesn’t really exist. The character exists in his own…

An important word in wealth creation

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Most people spend their entire life chasing money. But if you study wealthy people, it seems to be the opposite way around for them. They don’t struggle for money. The money just seems to find them. And the reason is that they have made themselves bigger than the money they want. This is what you need to do. Now, let’s talk about the billion dollars in the river of alligators.

To Jump In or Not to Jump In

It is not ego

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You probably know people who should be super rich if brilliance is all it takes to be financially successful. Turns out it is not. There are rich brilliant people, poor brilliant people, struggling brilliant people, middle-class brilliant people. The brilliance is almost not a factor in determining how rich a person is. Wallace D. Wattles said it best in his classic book, The Science of Getting Rich:

People don’t get rich by doing certain things. They get rich by doing things in a certain way

This has been emphasized several times on Rich Culture. …

The beginning of great financial achievements

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The financial success you desire will come to you when you stop trying to find it everywhere that is not where you are. Your story of wealth and abundance begins where you are. It begins where you stand. You don’t need to have something or get something before the money comes. If you cannot see yourself as a rich person (as a millionaire, or even a billionaire) from where you stand, nothing you get will change your mind.

Have you met people who thought getting a million dollars would change the way they see themselves? Then, they get the money…

David O.

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