You can get anything you want from anyone, if you know just how to ask

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Giving is a popular concept around the world. Receiving, on the other hand, is not so popular. The reason is simple; there isn’t so much story and information to receiving like giving. And of course, giving is more powerful than receiving. But just because giving is more powerful doesn’t mean receiving is insignificant. In fact, giving is weak around the world today because receiving is poor. It is the one that has that gives, and you only have when you have received.

You must have heard that the secret to receiving is giving. But that is half truth. Giving will sure amplify your receiving but it won’t unlock your receiving.

What about, ‘give and it shall be given unto you’? That is very true if you will complete the sentence to which that phrase was taken from. There is only one way to unlock receiving and that is to ask.

Now here is where many get confused. When they think of asking, they think of straight questions like; can you give me money for the car? Yeah, that’s asking but that’s primitive asking. The principle of asking goes a long way than that. Maybe it shouldn’t be called ‘asking' but what really matters is for you to get the understanding.

Those who enjoy the best stuff in the world are good receivers because they understand and use this principle (consciously or unconsciously).

There are some points to come to terms with to get this understanding:

You need at least 5 reasons from different angles for the one in the position to give. If it is money for example, you need a:

In summary, you don’t just ask with a sentence that ends with a question mark. For you to receive tangible things, you have to gently and respectfully coerce it from the one in position to give it. You may not even directly ask for it. Just let your desire be known, get close to someone in position to give and warrant being given (that is, become worthy of being given).

  • Open up about your desire
  • Get close to someone who is in a position to give what you want
  • Make yourself worthy of being given such

This is how to receive.

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