Would the World Really be a Better Place Without Billionaires?

How is the problem of the world the group of people that have added the most value to everyday life?

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Recently, I noticed an outrage against billionaires on social media. What was the most disgusting about those statements was the number of people who seem to agree with it. I find that disturbing, as a teacher at heart. In case you have that thought or argument, let me set it straight.

Capitalism is freedom. Anybody can rise to the top.

Is it difficult?


Do those at the top form a clique which makes it difficult for upcoming people?


Does that mean rising to the top is impossible?


In capitalism, a man can control a great fortune but the fortune was delivered by the market forces of demand and supply. One person can have so much, but a singular person rarely controls the economic state.

On the other hand, one person literally controls a socialist system. Plus, the person gets there not by producing something of value or by doing business but by winning people over by smooth words. Socialism gives people the illusion that power is in their hands meanwhile, it aggregates power from the individual. In the end, things turn out terrible economically because those in government (at best) would be people who want to please the crowd and not necessarily do the right thing.

I saw a tweet that compared billionaires to people who clean toilets, that those who clean toilets work harder. It was so sad because of the high number of engagement it got. Have we gotten this far that the world has started producing people on that level of anti-wisdom? I understand some billionaires inherited the fortunes, but someone before them produced something that has made the world a better place. Do yourself a favor if you are a doubter; search the list of billionaires and look at the companies they are responsible for. Imagine what life will be without those company’s products and services.

Billionaires are simply people whose vision of products or services have taken the world forward

Think about this; all the wealth in the world where did it all come from? 500 years ago, all the money we have in the world today where was it?? Nothing fell from outer space. It’s still the same earth. The only thing that grew was knowledge, which was made by the discoveries of people. Today, the discovery goes on as people work to put things together to make life easier and better.

The greatest asset of a man on the earth is his mind. Clearly, the human was designed to work primarily with the mind. We have seen things previously termed impossible become possible through technology and many of those responsible have been plunged into a life of wealth like no other.

The only problem is that we live in a society that celebrates and worships materialism

They tell us how much their dress cost. They tell us how much they bought their yachts and how they choose to spend their money. This triggers bitter emotions in the minds of some who secretly desire their life. The bitterness is due to the reality of their own lives and how they feel life has been tougher and unfair to them. So, many of such people believe life should be made fair by taking from the “rich” and “giving” to the poor.

Nobody was born rich. And by that, I mean that nobody was born with the ability to create wealth or manage wealth. People grow up to learn it. Some are born into wealthy homes but they can be just as poor as regular poor people. The only difference is that they start out with a lot of money and end up with little or nothing.

Poor people need help but not from the government. The government is supposed to provide a level playing field for every person willing to rise to the top. Government is supposed to be fair and stick to matters that have to do with organizing society. When a person starts boasting of how they are going to use government funds to do things that do not relate to societal structure or productivity growth, then you know that an economic disaster is on the horizon.

There will always be poor people in the world, no matter the effort or money pumped in. Poverty is a mindset, if money could cure it, it would have been cured. Those who want to get into government because they want to change the lives of poor people are failures-in-waiting. It is either they are ignorant or they just want to play on the emotions of common people.

As for me, I intend to be very wealthy, on the level of billionaires and even beyond. And the way to go is to come up with something that improves the life of another person. I will not be apologetic for the reward of being productive and smart.

This is my defense of billionaires.

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