Would the World Really be a Better Place Without Billionaires?

How is the problem of the world the group of people that have added the most value to everyday life?

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Billionaires are simply people whose vision of products or services have taken the world forward

Think about this; all the wealth in the world where did it all come from? 500 years ago, all the money we have in the world today where was it?? Nothing fell from outer space. It’s still the same earth. The only thing that grew was knowledge, which was made by the discoveries of people. Today, the discovery goes on as people work to put things together to make life easier and better.

The only problem is that we live in a society that celebrates and worships materialism

They tell us how much their dress cost. They tell us how much they bought their yachts and how they choose to spend their money. This triggers bitter emotions in the minds of some who secretly desire their life. The bitterness is due to the reality of their own lives and how they feel life has been tougher and unfair to them. So, many of such people believe life should be made fair by taking from the “rich” and “giving” to the poor.

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