Why Watching Movies in the Cinema can be a Bad Idea

It affects you more than you think it does

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A friend decided to chill out and go to watch a movie. She just scanned through and pick what she thought was a “love” movie. So she went in and sat down. The love story began. Then it started going sour. The story kept worsening but she thought, ‘well, this is a love story, the situation will pick up’. But it kept getting worse and the guy committed suicide in the end.

The whole idea of watching a movie is often to escape from the present reality to a fantasy world. And the beautiful thing about a fantasy world is that we can determine what we want to happen. But then, movies are full of surprises.

I could remember those who went to watch Avengers Infinity Wars in the cinema. You know the drill with Marvel movies; good always wins in the end. These were people who had jobs, and who had hectic days and want to chill with a Marvel movie. That wasn’t going to be me though, I wait for the spoilers because I cannot allow a fantasy reality to spoil my day.

The friend who went to watch the love story movie said she literally sobbed in the theatre. The suicide at the end was a shock that went through her for the rest of the day. It got so bad those sitting close to her in the cinema had to look in her direction and say things like, ‘oh, sorry’. The movie spoilt the rest of that day for her. It put her in a mood of a strong sense of loss. The most annoying thing for me was, it was just a movie; it was acted.

If you have watched Avengers Infinity Wars, you probably know what I’m saying. It was looking like the good guys were going to win, until they lost. From the perspective of the audience, it kept looking like something was going to change until they started showing the cast. A friend who watched the movie when it was very fresh in a Cinema said people left angrily. They thought they were coming to watch something that would make them feel good. But instead, they ended up feeling so terrible, sad and angry after the movie.

For the Avengers movie, I waited till I had a rough idea of what the movie was about. So when I watched it, I wasn’t heartbroken or sad at all because I had already mentally prepared myself for that tragic ending. I put myself in the shoes of those who saw it without the spoilers; mehn, it would have wrecked my day.

One added feature people don’t really consider is the cinema effect. The feel is too therapeutic. I don’t care how much you are used to it, the reality that the experience gives you is too strong for you not to carefully choose what you watch in the cinema. Sometimes the feeling of what you see in a cinema supersedes your own real-life experience because of how the cinema is.

First the lights, then the sound, feel, smell, and taste (popcorn). You definitely may not see it, but the cinema experience is forming a critical part of your personality. And that calls for a serious scrutiny if you want your life to be deliberately progressive.

I am not saying you need to stop watching movies in cinemas. The point is that you need to pay attention to what you watch in a cinema. The cinema experience is strong enough to affect and shape your personality. In this modern period, the impact of what we see and hear can be as strong as our own experience. In fact, what we see and hear creates our thoughts, and our thoughts create our own experiences.

Therefore, it matters what you watch in a serene environment. I once listened to a song in a friend’s car and did not like the song. But a few weeks later, I listened to the same song in a Samsung office (in a high rise building) with some insane speakers. I loved the song from that day. Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether it is right or wrong, what matters is how it was presented and delivered. Believe me, you don’t want to be pitched horrible ideas in excellent environments.

If I would go to the cinema to watch a movie, I would know what I want to go to watch and have an idea of what it’s about and how it will end. That is so that I won’t have any mental shocks or reality checks from the movie. Believe me, stupid ideas you encountered in excellent ways are difficult to cast out of your mind. Prevention is better than cure. Be wise for your own life.

I rest my case

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