Why It Is so Hard to Buy a Samsung

Or any other tech device that isn’t Apple

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The rabbit hole of search

I am so angry with the consumer tech industry today. And I’ll tell you why. I want to buy a new tab to replace the old one I use. The iPad is definitely out of consideration because I have some strong reasons (at the moment) to stick with android. And I have wasted some precious hours online just trying to decide.

Is that a hard nut to crack?

Tech companies think they are doing consumers a favor by giving us options. That stuff is annoyingly confusing! The names of some of those devices are just plain annoying. The suffixes are great sources of confusion; Pro, Max, X, Plus, and so on. Those things are very annoying.

Stop giving us options!

Giving your customers options is a bad idea. For example, I want to be able to boast that I made the best choice in choosing a device. Yet, I want to also be able to make that choice in minutes. Not after hours of watching videos. Save me the time for doing all that.

Are the features consistent with the brand?

Another thing that really bothers me is the whole; ‘it is thinner and lighter' thing. Nobody really cares about that. Those are the features. What are the benefits? What do you want to achieve by making the product lighter or thinner? You want it to make it more fashionable! So a question: are you a fashionable tech brand? What kind of user are you designing for?

How to beat the competition

To beat a market leader, you don’t need to fault their product or compare your product to their product. That is very wrong. All you have to do is to identify the philosophy on which the product is based and defeat that philosophy with your own. And all who bond with your philosophy will become your customers.

Moral of the Story

Don’t give your customers options. Anticipate their needs and sell them a concept. This applies specifically to consumer tech and similar industries. (It definitely does not apply to service industries).

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