If only the world were honest about the reason for Women’s Day

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The 8th day of the month of March is designated international women’s day. And 2018 was no different. I had no idea it was women’s day until people started talking about it. And the fact that the word ‘international’ is in front of it is something to think about. Well, that’s a subject for another day. Why do we celebrate women’s day? After all, only God knows how many mother’s day are in a year. I know you’ll tell me that there is a men’s day, but that is why we have Wikipedia.

So I did some digging, turns out there is a men’s day. But really, who cares? I have never heard it before. It doesn’t even ring a bell. But women’s day or mothers day cannot go unnoticed. Men’s day started in 1992 though the concept originated in 1991. But like I said, who cares? And you would find it very interesting what the then Director of Women and Culture of Peace, Ingeborg Breines said speaking on behalf of UNESCO. She said, “this is an excellent idea and would give some gender balance”. What?! Okay, let’s put things in perspective. The UN has recognized women’s day since 1975. Oh yeah, 1975. It dates back to 1917 in Russia but the first observance of something like it was in 1909 on February 28. That is some history. Thank you Wikipedia.

On this day of writing, I was watching a business TV station and they brought some women to talk about the role of women in business, the bias, pay gap, etc. And as the discussion narrowed down, the endpoint was getting clearer but no one was willing to deliver the punch blow and hit the nail right on the head. That might just be a public image suicide. I don’t think they are ignorant of the fact, even the women, I think they know fully well but it must remain unspoken. One of them gave a quote and it says a lot, “men are brought up to be brave, women are brought up to be perfect”.

Social media has given a voice to many and has changed the image landscape of the world forever. Now more than ever people are stuck with ideas derogatory to them because they have defended those ideas in public. It’s interesting how we give ideas names; capitalism, globalization, protectionist, socialist, feminist, etc. And we think that anyone who agrees with our idea is our ally and one that disagrees with our idea is an enemy. Only to find out that among each camp of agreement, there is disagreement. So who you are (when you mention the name of the idea you bond with) is someone I have met with who claims such an idea also. If the person was terrible, then my mind automatically records you as someone terrible. How is this relevant to women’s day?

I wouldn’t want to go deep into my personal beliefs, but would just point out some deductions. It is more glaring more than ever in today’s world that the difference between the man and the woman is biology. Anything outside that is artificial and learned. There are social biases in different forms depending on the environment. While some women are fighting to bring about a balance of societal perspective, their very own fellow women are deepening the gulf. The problem of women are other women. And they are busy trying to generalize themselves. How can a house divided against itself stand? You can’t have “gender balance” and preferential treatment at the same time. Furthermore, just because you picked a side doesn’t mean others like you want the same side.

Not too long ago I heard about the idea of paternity leave. I laughed so hard at it. It’s easy to talk about that in corporate America, but in tough areas of the world you dare not try it. Even if paternity leave is to become a thing, it is not when the child is born that the child needs the dad, it is when the child starts talking and starts learning (not when all the child does is cry, eat and sleep).

In the minds of a lot of men, women (generally) are branded with the idea of preferential treatment. Some women hate it because it makes them look weak and helpless. But some love it, take full advantage of it and even play nasty games around it. So the idea of building a new brand for women (generally) around responsibility is weak. Even in the branding around work and responsibility, they further display that need for preferential treatment. Like having a women’s day. (See the picture now?). There are some women that can compete, and beat a lot of men over key responsibilities. There are women that love challenges and go to do the impossible. Yes! But how many are they? How many love to go through the rigorous training for that when they can just look cute and get it. This is not aimed to accuse, it’s just an observation for reflection.

If you are a lady and you are for work and responsibility; GO, GIRL GO! Unfortunately, you cannot speak for those who don’t share your philosophy even though you have the same biology. And there will always be ladies who will be 100% in it for the preferential treatment. You can exercise your influence to educate but you can’t force your will on others. Ladies who have the willpower and decisiveness will always rise above the difficulties that come at them. But every woman won’t be like that. So, why celebrate women’s day? You mustn’t forget the keyword here; preferential treatment.

If there is indeed an imbalance on the part of the women, one must remember that it was not caused by the men who lived today but by the women who lived before today. They are the ones who gave the idea of who they were (and this differs from society to society). And then when they talk about balance, they don’t want to earn the right for the balance. They often talk about a preferential treatment to achieve the balance. To do this, they force things on men that the men traditionally do not care about; like paternity leave, men’s day, etc. Who cares about a men’s day? Just show the man how to get the money!

Why is there a women’s day? The answer is simple, because the women decided there should be one. Which is because (as they say), women are special. Why is this so? You remember what the keyword is again? Please tell me

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