Why I Don’t Believe in Democratic Elections

You’ll be surprised to see how much of politics is really marketing

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A good candidate trigger your emotions INSTANTLY on sight or by merely hearing the name (source: Pixabay)

1. What the Candidate Agrees With

This is the core of every campaign, and it has nothing to do with the competence of the candidate. Why do you think the candidates talk about their lives? Why do you think they share a lot of information about their growing-up years?

2. Who the Candidate Associates With

This is the reason candidates seek endorsements. In most countries, this is often the killer move. If a candidate identifies and associates with the right people, it will result in a win.

3. The Past and Outgoing Tenure in Office

I consider this to be the most powerful marketing strategy. This is about timing. If the public is angry about the outgoing tenure in office, it’s very easy for the incumbent — or who the incumbent endorses — to lose. Smart people who want to break the status quo use this principle to win elections.

4. What the Candidate’s Words Feel Like

President Obama is a gifted orator. His words have what is invented in people’s minds as a “presidential feel.” Can that single-handedly win an election? All other things being equal, yes, it absolutely can! As I said, it’s all marketing.

5. Who the Candidate is Running Against

This is pretty obvious. Everybody has biased opinions one way or another. That’s very useful in politics. In the end, most people often get to choose between the lesser of two evils. No candidate is perfect. But there is always one that they hate more than anything.

6. What the Candidate Looks Like

Believe it or not, looks matter. There was a story of a man who became president because a “kingmaker” saw him and said that he looks like a president. Everybody knows that looks can be deceiving, yet it shapes our first impression more than anything.

7. Where the Candidate Is From

This is also very similar to timing. Whether you like it or not, people keep a score of where past political winners are from. For example, if the previous president was from a particular state and you are from the same state, you are unlikely to win. This is because people from other places would begin to feel cheated (even if they are not).

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