Which Came First; The Chicken Or The Egg?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally figured it out

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You know how people get to a point where they are stuck and they try to explain it away? That’s where they come in with the chicken and egg narrative. I don’t think physical processes are completely iterative without a clear beginning or end.

I know this would bring up the issue of evolution, for those who believe in it. Well, first, I don’t believe in evolution. Instead, I believe in creation. Evolution sounds smart about the past but lacks purpose in the present. I believe whatever started the world should still have relevance in the present world.

Even if you think the world started with a big bang, the question of the chicken and the egg is still there. At least, one has to come before the other. On the surface, the theory of evolution seems to suggest that the egg came first. That is because of the complexity of the two entities; chicken and egg.

But I say, the chicken came first

Why? The chicken is a creature, the egg is not a creature. The egg is a temporary state. And it is not only chickens that produce eggs. Other animals do. So if you say the egg came first, my question is how do you know it’s not an ostrich’s egg or a cooked egg? How can you be sure a chicken is coming from there?

If an egg fails to produce a chicken, that’s it! The egg is done. But if a chicken fails to produce an egg, it can still produce another egg.

How did it even become a smart question? “Which came first; the chicken or the egg?”

If the egg started it all, how many eggs do you think the world began with?

Here is another thing; there are different kinds of chickens. The female ones lay eggs, the male doesn’t. If the egg produces a male chicken, that’s the end of the process in that line. The line has to continue with another female chicken. So, for the continuity we have in the world today, do you think it all started with one egg? I don’t think so.

Think about it, the right order will be to have both a male and a female chicken to get the world started. Then they can produce several eggs together and get things going.

Here is another sweet spot. The story of Noah. You remember the great flood in his time. Where he had to build an ark and preserve living creatures?

Why didn’t Noah pick two eggs and leave the chickens out?

He knew! He knew that it started from the chickens, not the eggs. Okay, if you don’t want to agree, let me ask you this:

Doomsday is upon the world, you have to preserve all of life in a massive bunker, would you pick 2 eggs over a male and female chicken? Would you even pick 5 eggs or 20?

I guess you wouldn’t. So why do we ask this chicken and egg question like it were so smart? It sounded so smart to me too until I broke it down like this. So, it is clear:

The chicken came first, the egg is just a temporary phase

I rest my case

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