When Motivational Talk Becomes Irritating…

Motivational speakers don’t tell you the key factor of success outside your control

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Where are you rushing to? Have you ever wondered why everybody seems to be in a hurry? “Rush, go faster”, they said. Someone once said to me, “don’t let there be any gap in your CV”. In other words, go fast and make every second count for work.

Honestly, that is not bad advice. The only problem is that the future it promises is a mirage.

I admit there are lots of lazy people. People who want the easy way out. People who cringe at hard work. Or should I say that everyone one of us has that tendency to slack work off?

Also, I believe motivation is a temporary hit job on the emotions to fuel the mind and body to get the job done. This is why motivation stops working after a while. You get tired of hearing all those things. I have been there. And there are 3 responses to this state:

  1. To hate motivation and refuse to listen to anything like that and embrace mediocrity
  2. To start motivating others and use that as self-motivation. But then depression begins to kick in privately when this starts getting cliche too
  3. To stop the motivation and find your own rhythm of work

My approach is number 3. I sought my own rhythm of work. “Rhythm of work” is something people rarely talk about. It is widely unknown and people who have a glimpse of it believe it is boring. Yet, it is the pathway to success.

There is one thing motivational speakers do not say about success. And they wouldn’t say or admit it because once they say it to you, they will have nothing to say to you another time. They would not be invited again. You wouldn’t see a reason to attend their event again.

And this is the secret:

You can’t time success

What we know as success is not a destination. It’s more like rainfall on a road trip. So tell me, can you drive faster to achieve rainfall? Can you even achieve rainfall? You can only prepare for rain, you can’t tell when it is going to come.

Steve Jobs said, “You can only connect the dots looking backward”. Your speed or acceleration or hustle isn’t going to make your success come faster.

We celebrate successful people like they are some aliens from outer space capable of doing things normal people can’t. But every successful person in this world has a critical factor of their success that wasn’t in their control. And that is time.

Time (or timing) is perhaps the most important factor of success. And it is not anything anyone can control. It is like rain on a road trip. You can prepare and listen to forecasts as much as you want, but you can’t make it pour down.

The importance of timing to success is best explained in a book titled Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. There you will find some strange revelations about the successful people you know today. What blew my mind the most is the fact that every major pioneer player (or founder) in the software industry was born between 1950 and 1960.

And all of them had thousands of hours of coding experience before the concept of personal computers came to life. They didn’t even know the rain that was coming, they were just prepared. And of course, all of them became multimillionaires and billionaires. And it wasn’t because of anything other than the fact that it rained hard.

Some say it is luck. But I wouldn’t say that. This is because getting prepared is hard work. They just didn’t know how big it would pay off.

Now, some people are preparing for rain that will never come. And they are motivated and excited about it. But that is not my concern. Here is what you should know:

If you are hardworking and in the right direction, your rain will come

You don’t need to work harder. You don’t need to go faster. You just need to be consistent. Find your rhythm of work. Let motivation die.

When you are motivated, stick with your rhythm. When you are unmotivated, stick with your rhythm. Your rain will come. There is nothing you can do to make it hurry. Have a good work rhythm and sustain it. Be prepared.

Motivation can make you lose your positioning for the rain. One of the elements of success is positioning. And this is in your control. Your position has to be consistent. If motivation changes your mind every month, you will miss every rain.

It’s okay to keep trying several things to find your core interest. But the moment you do, stay and stick.

When motivational talk becomes irritating, stay out of it, find your rhythm of work and stick to it. Success is like rain on a road trip; it will come at its own time. But you need to prepare ahead and position yourself.

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