What’s Wrong With the Apple Credit Card

Is Tim Cook’s Apple different from Steve Job’s Apple?

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Apple innovations are designed to change the way we interact with technology

The wireless headset had existed before, but nobody thought of that with the earpiece because it would perhaps be easily misplaced. Maybe that was even part of the business strategy of Apple. With Apple’s brand, the airpod was a success but it created a bigger problem and didn’t really solve any problem. Samsung saw that, and jumped on making an improved version (which I think is better). Meanwhile, Apple already made the airpod cool. Apart from cool, it really didn’t change the interaction of people with technology (considering the existence of the earpiece and the Bluetooth headset). However, the airpod innovation deserves some accolades.

What else has Apple done to change the way we interact with technology over the last few years?

Now, the credit card.

My first reaction to it was, ‘Oh, no!’ Not because the card wasn’t good or smart, but because this is not what Apple is supposed to be doing. The thing that came to my mind after I saw the card is a potential announcement years later by Apple saying, “we have decided to cut out the Apple card because it is inconsistent with the core mission and purpose of Apple”.

When a company starts venturing into banking or financial services (which is not in its original focus), then the company is heading down

Banking and financial services is a sector where stupid money is made. They don’t make money from people (unlike normal businesses), they make money off people. For example, the money US banks make is mainly from the Federal Reserve Bank of America — the banks just have to get the people to justify it. What the Apple card shows now is that Apple is gunning for a piece of the pie. I think Apple is going in that direction because they believe making PCs, phones, and other gadgets, is no longer enough to give them the edge they need.

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