What is Wrong With Hollywood?

Does anybody else notice this scarcity of creativity?

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On behalf of all action/fantasy lovers, I want to appreciate Marvel for the last few years. They rocked the entertainment world. But now that we have seen Endgame, what is next?

I know you will give me a list of all the coming marvel movies but that is not what I mean. Where has the creativity gone? It’s like Hollywood is done taking chances on anything new.

Yes, I know Marvel is doing well but it is just because they already created the characters that will drive traffic. Which is a smart thing from a business perspective, but what about from a creative perspective? I am seeing all these refurbished movies and it is pissing me off.

Lion King. Really? Did they have to do that? I am guessing we would see another Lion King in 15 years then.


Star Wars. I guess we will never see an end. I know they promise this new one to be the end, but the resistance will always find something to be resisting.

Even Shaft was refurbished

Men In Black



Triple Frontier. Oh gosh, no comments.

Jurassic Park or World

Fast and Furious. Okay, I like this one. But I’m thinking the story is getting thinned out in every way

Ocean’s Eight. They shouldn’t have called it Ocean’s or connected it to him at all


Triple X. I like this one too. Maybe just 1 more


Terminator. I am so tired of this. Time travel fiction needs to have some finesse. Except for the fight scenes, there is nothing appealing to me in this movie

Only God knows how many Spiderman my generation has watched

And there are much more. The only one that qualifies to be on that list that I won’t put there is Fantastic Beasts. We need another Harry Potter lookalike, but the story isn’t strong enough yet. But it still has hope. And Marvel writers, if you are reading this what I would love to watch right now is the story of Thanos, perhaps in a trilogy. However, it must be carefully and perfectly crafted.

I understand that repetition sells, but it is setting a bad taste. After a while, the money magic of repetition will stop working and they will start becoming massive flops. DO SOMETHING FRESH and EPIC.

Now I hear they want to do a new Matrix and Avatar. Ugh. As much as the Matrix excites me, I have a feeling the story might just get ruined. We already have John Wick, which I presume may get to Chapter 10 if it keeps smashing the box office. But if the members of the high table are just like the morons John Wick has been facing, that’s it for me. I am getting tired of seeing John Wick beat up 4 pro assassins dead (without any clear advantage) and only suffer minor injuries. I know it is a movie, but try and make this stuff believable. It reminds me of Thanos again. What a villain!

I must, however, give credit to the good movies (storyline) I saw that were not repetitions (I think) in recent times; Red Sparrow, Alita and The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Alita feels like a repeat but I can’t really place it. The Girl in the Spider’s Web looks like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Both were good movies and doesn’t feel repetitive.

If Hollywood is not sure what to do, they should merge ideas from 2 epic movies in the past instead of blatantly refurbishing one. That was what they did in Twilight, remember? They merged the high school (love story) vibe with the vampire story. Unfortunately, they wore us out with that story.

Something like a crossbreed of Italian Job and Star Wars would be epic. An Italian Job kind of story in an era of Star Wars. A Sherlock Holmes kind of story in an era of Lord of the Rings. And as far as animation is concerned, if anybody needs to make a comeback, please let it be King Julian of Penguins of Madagascar. I feel King Julian deserves a TV series. Not childish like the previous one though. He deserves a throne in the age of Twitter.

Finally, please come up with new concepts. It doesn’t have to be action to be really good. For example; a man decides to commit suicide (in an Alita kind of era) but just before he hangs himself, he decides to take one more chance at life. So, he dresses in his best suit and goes to the bank to ask for a loan of $1 million dollars. He just kept lying about this deal with a very straight face in the presence of the loan officer and his loan got approved. Not so impressed with his luck, he took the credit he got from the bank and went to negotiate for a property and got it. He continued unimpressed and kept making gains. But the moment he became happy and ecstatic, he lost it all on the next deal. But instead to resorting to suicide, he decides to try the trick again and this time on love. I feel like Ryan Reynolds would be perfect for this one. I can imagine his face.

Okay. Just do something new Hollywood, DO SOMETHING FRESH!

How do you tell if the movie is going to make good money? Very simple! All you have to ask is:

Are quality memes going to come out from this movie?

If yes, it will make money.

I rest my case.

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