What is success? Success is when you set a goal and reach the goal. Currently, I have big new goals I am working towards. All my short term goals from 2019 has been achieved. The details may or may not impress you based on where you are or the kind of life you’ve had.

Have I had my income go 10X? Certainly. And I have done more than that. But more importantly, the things I share are not based on the concept that I am up there and everyone is down there. No. I have a unique ability to connect dots that most people cannot. I can do that on many subjects but I have decided to focus on using that to help people get better financial results.

Have I made a million dollars? Not yet. But very likely for me to get there this year. Although that is not my goal. I don’t make “money” goals. Money is just a man-made idea. It is not a thing like that. That is one of the things I hope to pass across to people in my upcoming book.

Bringing you new perspectives about money, entrepreneurship, investing, and psychology | #1 Amazon bestselling author | Be a hero to someone today :)

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