What Broke People Can Afford That Wealthy People Can’t

An exposition that shows that there is an opportunity in every situation

Photo by Tom Parsons via Unsplash. (Editing mine) P.S. The broke one is not the beggar

Money is not everything but money can buy everything. This is a big problem. There are two ways to get anything you want in life. The first way is to use the money. The second way to use wisdom. Using wisdom is difficult but fun. Using money is easy but boring. What would you rather have; fun or boredom?

The problem of wealthy people is that they always think of going the easy way when they want to do anything. They have the money, so they think of how to get what they want with the money. The beauty of having no money is that you get to go the hard, old-fashioned and fun way. But the problem nowadays is that broke people often think of how to get the money first, then how to use the money to get what they want. That is why many stay broke.

What can broke people afford that the wealthy can’t? Broke people can afford to negotiate without the temptation of paying immediately. While some find it discomforting to negotiate when they don’t have the money, but most successful business persons have this as their secret of success. Negotiating without having the money to pay immediately means you will try to get the deal as favorable as possible. It means you will go back home and sleep over it. It means you can confirm the offer you got from several other angles, discuss it with friends and get the best deal. People rarely get cheated when they negotiate while broke.

Now being broke here doesn’t mean you live in a perpetual state of lack, rather it means you don’t have money at the moment. It may mean you don’t even know how or where to get the money. However, that shouldn’t dictate your attitude and disposition. In the picture above, the person I circled is the symbol of the broke one. The beggar is not broke, the beggar is miles deep in poverty.

Broke people can afford to be humble. Lack of money calms you down like nothing else does. You don’t know how to empathize with people without money unless you have been there. Often times people think the solution for poverty is money and couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is that poverty is the reason why there’s no money. It’s hard to be humble when the money is there. I know humility is a personality thing, however, no money puts you in a better position to display humility.

Broke people can afford to notice sensitive events. If you’re wealthy and you’re going to a party, all your focus on the journey will be on getting to the party. But if you are returning to your house, having lost your job and have no savings, you’d be surprised at the things you would notice. The things you pass by every day that you never pay attention to will suddenly become glaring to you. Money makes people blind. This is why rich persons often tie their wealth up in different ways just to deliver themselves from the blinding effect of money.

Broke people can afford to dare themselves because they have nothing to lose. The big disadvantage of having money is that you always have something to lose. When there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, it is easier to take a leap. People who remain poor are people who have nothing and are too proud to pick up something to do.

A broke person with a fierce ambition is a dangerous person

Finally, broke makes a person see and consider alternatives that the person has been oblivious to. The best of options are shielded from the one who has the money.

Is this a recommendation to go broke? Absolutely not. However, it is a necessary phase for a healthy financial life. Make plans for money when you’re yet to have it. If you wait till you have money before you make plans, the money will be gone and you won’t know what you did with it.

If you have excess money today and you’ve never known what having no money feels like, there is another way in. And that is the pain of losing money or better still, being responsible for the money of other people. How to get there is simple; start making big money calls by yourself.

If you are going to be rich, it has to begin from when you don’t have money


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