Well Julien, the purpose of this is to probe our minds and try to think differently. Your thoughts are well appreciated.

About point 1, you said it yourself at the ending. It may be circumstantial but the identity was easily grasped.

About point 2, you can say that for hardware vs software too. The target market too is kind of different. At least the buyer sentiment for both is quite different.

About 3, I established that it was in fact possible and various companies are doing this. And remember what I said concerned that by referring to uncharted territories; where no company is yet to established a firm brand, it is easy to take an established brand there. That could be said of cloud computing.

About 4, there are other examples you can search yourself (can’t do that at the moment). The questions I asked afterwards were the real point drivers.

Maybe the word ‘anomaly’ was what tipped you off. But this is just another approach to the whole brand evolution that I believed will be far more effective than their current approach.

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