Want to be successful? Stop saying these things

What you decide not to say can change your life

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The most important ability the human being has is the ability to speak; the ability to express our thoughts in articulate speech. This is also the greatest challenge humans have; how to properly express their thoughts in speech in a way that the other person receives the intended message. Words are too important. Words are the building block of every constructive relationship and the explosive material of every destructive relationship. Much more than this, our own words control our being. It is extremely hard to make yourself do what you have sincerely spoken against. Our own words can control our desires, and even shape our thinking. Many times we speak beyond what we think we would say. The words just oozes out from what we’ve heard and seen in our environment which has unconsciously stuck to us and become part of our vocabulary. The only problem is that most of those words are negative or they have a negative effect on our minds and beings.

To be successful, what you don’t do is just as important as what you do. In fact, one of the ways to be successful is to reduce the chances of failure. The more you eliminate the things that can produce failure, the chances of success becomes greater. One of the ways to do this is to keep away from certain phrases that weakens the mind’s tenacity for success. Some of them and the reasons behind them are expressed below:

1. It’s too late now

Nothing is ever too late. This is something very successful people have come to terms with. When you say it’s too late, your mind shifts from thinking of what to do to the feelings of regret, sympathy and empathy. But the moment you said it’s too late, it is not yet too late. This is a fact. It became too late the moment you said it. If you didn’t say it and you allow your mind to go to work, you can still catch up no matter how behind you seem to be. Nothing is ever too late. When the thought of too late comes to you and you’re thinking of giving up, at that point it is not yet too late. This is a vital principle of life. You may not be able to do what you are supposed to do before, but you can do something that will make up for it and get you back on track. It is not too late. It is never too late to go to school, it is not too late to make the call, the deadline date for applications may have passed but it is never too late to prove yourself worthy of the job. If you say it is too late, it will be too late for you. But if you refuse to say it is too late and you allow your mind to brood on the matter, you will figure out a way to catch up (with what it seems like you missed). You can miss a birthday but it’s never too late to say it in the most exceptional fashion. This attitude of ‘never too late’ will take you closer to success like nothing else will.

2. I had no choice

Many often use this to express the reasons for wrong decisions and failures. You always have a choice. There is never a time you are without a choice. We choose every day. You chose to read this. I chose to write this. I could have decided to be doing something else or writing something else. Our lives are shaped by our choices. Even at the point of death, you still have a choice. That’s why we use this phrase, ‘gave up the ghost’. I have heard of someone who took 6 bullets to their chest and survived while another was hit in the leg by a stray bullet and died. There was someone who had a drilling machine pierce into his skull and survived, while another fell in his bathroom and died. It all boiled down to how much of a fighter is in the person. There is always a choice. There is always an opportunity cost. If you say you had no choice, you mind will be narrowed down to be blinded to the other options you have. You always have a choice. If you allow your mind to explore your options by not saying this, you will be surprised how much options are available to you. You always have a choice, never say you don’t.

3. I don’t know how ...

If you don’t know something and you require the knowledge, you ought to go ahead and learn it, not announce that you don’t know it.

There was a story of a young man who was earnestly seeking a job in America many years ago. He has been rejected many times, they didn’t even grant him an audience. One day, he caught up with a top executive (who always says he has no time) of the company he wants to join, taking a taxi to the airport. He quickly offered to join the executive in the taxi to use the time spent in the taxi to market himself. The executive gave him the chance and told him that his time ends when he gets out of the taxi. The young man of course said all he could to persuade the executive. The executive then asked if he knew a certain field of study in the profession because they might need a person with knowledge of that field. This young man did not know this field, but the taxi was almost at its destination now. The young man answered yes. The executive then said he should show up at the office the next Monday (it was a Friday). The young man got out of the taxi and spent the whole of the weekend studying this field of study the executive mentioned to him. By the Monday, he was prepared to answer questions concerning the field of study and he got the job.

It is unhealthy to the mind to express that you don’t know something that you ought to know. If it is something you don’t care about and doesn’t concern you, it’s okay. But if it is something that has to do with you and your progress in life, never say you don’t know. You can ask to be given time (to get back) instead. Or just express that you are not ready yet but you will be soon. Never say you don’t know. There are lots of how-to’s on the internet today. If you are supposed to know something, never say you don’t. Learn it fast and do it.

4. I can’t afford it

Instead of saying this, why can’t you ask, ‘how can I afford it?’ If you don’t want it just say you don’t want it. If it is not worth what you will let go for you to have it, just say it’s not worth it for you at this time. And you say it is not worth it after considering how you can afford it. Never say you can’t afford something. At least consider how you can afford it. Saying that you can’t afford something shuts your mind off. But if you really want it now, ask, ‘how can I afford it?’ Your mind will open up and you will see options you didn’t know exists. Use your words to open your mind

5. That’s impossible

This is like a default phrase of some people. Such people never experience profound success. This is because their minds have been unconsciously drenched in impossibility such that with a little resistance, they can’t see a way through. It is important to see through circumstances and situations. Instead of saying ‘that’s impossible’, why don’t you ask, ‘how did it happen?’ When you ask to seek to understand, your mind opens up to information, ideas and possibilities. You become someone that can make things happen. Those who always say, 'that’s impossible' never see possibilities and they never do remarkable things, hence they are never successful.

In conclusion, these might seem like insignificant changes to be made, but they can make a huge and phenomenal difference in your life. Words are life. Choose your words carefully. Choose not to speak words that sabotage success in your life.

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