Untold Stories from a Remote African Town

Chronicles of a Thief

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The Surprise on Arrival

On this particular day, I arrived early and went straight to my lodge. The closer I came to the door of my room, the more I realized something wasn’t right. And then my suspicion was confirmed when I came close enough — the door lock has been forcefully removed.

Who is a Thief?

A thief is not somebody who steals. This is very important. A person is not a thief merely because he stole. The truth is — a thief cannot do without stealing.

A thief is not a thief because he stole, but because he is a thief, he would steal

A thief is someone whose person and character has been corrupted and has his nature twisted towards taking for himself something that belongs to someone else to the detriment of the other person. A thief is someone who is conditioned by greed or perverseness to create hurt and hostility by taking ownership of something owned by someone else through crook and illegal means.

So, if you say you want to change the world by putting an end to theft, how would you go about it?

Whose Responsibility?

For most people, this responsibility is to the government. If you think that way, it most likely means that you are thinking that people will not steal if they have enough money to get by in life.

Back to the Story

The incident I described earlier was not my first in that town. You’ll discover more as you go on. In fact, my story of the incident was not as interesting as my roommate’s.

A Lesson to the Heart

The experience didn’t make any of us bitter — it only made me more resolute. That (to me) doesn’t hurt. What makes me angry and infuriated is when a man comes and says, ‘we will put an end to theft in this place’. And what they think of doing when they say that is to increase security and punish people caught stealing. But can that solve the problem? Or maybe the right question is — does it solve the problem?

What About Punishing the Guilty?

Every thief knows if they get caught, it is trouble. I have lived in a community where people caught stealing are beaten erratically by the public. The beating is so severe that you would find it hard to recognize the thief after the beating. But even in that place, stealing still takes place.

The real problem is that thing that molded them into thieves — that thing is still in existence and is probably molding another person. So, while you are busy after the thief, there is another growing and developing to be a thief

This is the chronicles of a thief. If you want to make a difference to end theft, how would you go about it?

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