Understanding the Corruption Problem

Bribery and corruption from the grassroots of a society

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Well-schooled doesn’t mean well-educated

Even the greatest of minds still get schooled on basic things. But, true education is understanding how and when to learn, unlearn and relearn. If I showed you that you are going in the wrong direction, will you heed to me or will you continue in that direction? Some people wouldn’t change even though they know it is the wrong way? People who can change directions are the true enlightened ones. And your life is your choice.

Here Is Where We Are

There are so many illegal things are going on in the world. As you are reading this right now, lots of illegal operations are taking place around the world. The various popular governments in the world try to play the judge. But because they are inconsistent and sometimes partial, some illegal operators see that as a right to do what they do.

Remember that trying to solve the problem is not solving the problem

There are various agencies trying to stop the illegal drug trade. And they know they won’t achieve 100% success. Why? Imagine this — if they succeed 100%, what work will they be doing? It is like the case of the computer virus and antivirus. So, for the service to exist there must be a problem or the illusion of a problem. Everything is one big merry-go-round. This brings me back to the point:

The solution does not fix the problem

This is typical of all solutions by the government to tackle societal problems. Their solution is always a response to the problem. Which means that it never solves it. That is why their systems are susceptible to corruption.

Consider the Illegal Drug Trade

What is the solution to the illegal drug business? It’s very simple — people stop taking drugs. If there are no buyers, there won’t be sellers. If there are no sellers, there won’t be a cartel or drug lord. But as long as there are buyers, you arresting and jailing for the next 10 million years won’t mean a thing. The problem will continue and might even grow stronger.

How It Begins

When people have lots of money, it puts them in a position that makes them think they are impregnable. This thinking shows in the way they live and pass on information to those who are upcoming. The problem is — this information creates in the young ones a severe thirst for money.

Hypocrisy or Reality?

The program that took me into the remote town was one by the government and operated by the government. It was compulsory although I had planned not to be part of it. But then, I saw it as my only strategy to run away from my parent’s house. Not that they were mean or something like that, but I was already itching to be on my own. I had to use the exit door, but that is not my main reason anyway.

Gift or Bribe?

To be honest, protocols and systems can be so annoying. Sometimes you wish the official will bypass protocols because you mean no harm. But if you have to promise appreciation (as motivation), then appreciation is no more appreciation. But to the official in that town, it is still appreciation.

A bribe is a gift with ulterior (or impure) motives.

For example, I heard a man say he received countless Christmas gifts as a bank manager. The year he retired, that very Christmas, he got only one greeting card. So, what has he been receiving — gifts or bribes?

The Corruption Trap

The corruption trap is very simple. it begins when nobody notices anything and puts the person where the person seems to have but lacks. If you believe money can solve all your problems, then you will do anything (no matter how horrible) to get money. And with opportunities to be corrupt, you’ll surely get in the mix. The thing is — you’ll think you’re rich when you have the money but the truth is that you’re only a pawn — money has you.

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