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The right questions we need to be asking

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Money doesn’t change people, money only reveals who they really are.

The environment seems to be getting more and more hostile every day. Civilization is not the cause — rather it is the loop that opened the hostility up. The majority of people in the world are not mentally equipped to handle the current level of first-world civilization. People’s manner of thinking seems to be the factor dragging things down. The problem is, most people would rather die than change their way of thinking. And worse, they are training their children to be like that. Those are the people that produce liabilities into the world. I know it, I have seen it and I can speak about it.

The Big Robbery

I told you we met three different banks in a state of “tsunami aftermath” when we got into the town. We later asked those we met what happened and they told us the story. It is time for you to hear it.

21st Century Stone Age Realities

There is only one cash machine in the entire town and it is often loaded with cash not more than twice a week. Rumor has it that the best time to push for luck against the machine is on Monday mornings.

Thinking for Solutions

The environment is quite hostile, even the plants and animals feel it. The ecosystem feels it. The disturbing things scientists found out about the environment didn’t start yesterday. It didn’t start when people started burning fossil fuel. If you saw the initial state of the earth (or should I say the universe), perhaps you will be able to understand better. And in case you’re wondering, I think it is scientifically possible to see the initial state of the earth.

So, if you want to change the world, how do you intend to do it? How do you intend to turn the tide against the hostility?

If you don’t want people to walk by the road where fast-moving vehicles are, it would be foolish to put a signpost by the road that says, ‘don’t walk’. Instead, what you do is that you create a walkway.

Create, don’t make “Stop” signs

Don’t try to force-change people. Be results-oriented, not efforts-oriented.

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