Three hot riddles that will challenge your mind

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Now more than ever people need confidence in themselves. They need confidence in their ability to analyze situation. A significantly larger part of the societal structure today pulls down people’s intelligence and makes people ignore the capability of their own intellect. So, here is something to feed your intellect and exercise your mind. These are 3 riddles that will surely improve your thinking. Read carefully

First riddle:

18 grown men went for a swim. After they were through swimming, there was one whose hair didn’t get wet. How did he do it?

Second riddle:

2 fathers went fishing. Each of them went with one of their sons. They caught 3 fishes. They shared the fishes equally without having to divide any fish. How did they share the fishes?

Third riddle:

An aircraft flies with a tank half full of gasoline. The aircraft flies 3 hours without refueling. How much is left in the tank after the flight if one-tenth of the fuel is consumed in 40 minutes?

*Looking forward to your answer in the comments. I won’t tell you the answer but I’ll let you know if you got it right or wrong. Try to figure it out

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