Thoughts On the Trending Black Lives Movement From Africa

I look forward to getting endorsements, board seats, etc. for this

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If the system discriminates you, it only means you need to be better — it is a challenge to be “extra-good”. If you are so good, they will be forced to play ball with you

Wherever the awareness of a problem goes, the problem goes

There is another one:

You increase the problem in a place by talking about the problem

So, all the conversations about racism will only create more racism. That is the only thing that will happen. If you talk about the crime in place, crime will only go up in that place. This is the lesson about life that I learned and has made me change my approach to many things.

This is because in trying to make my way easy, you take out all the fun

But it is easy to shout racism when things are made easy for you. That is because you keep looking at those who have it easier and claim you want to have it easier too. If you are among those chanting against racism, let me ask you an honest question:

What do you want?

If racism is darkness, what is the light you are trying to turn on? I know many will jump out to say equality. But equality is a myth. I don’t understand how people consider it a viable goal. How in the world would you measure equality? How will you know when you have achieved it?

Do you go to the jungle and say that the lion and the antelope have equal rights?

Do you ever see the antelopes trying to protest the lions for equality? No. That is because life doesn’t work that way. If you want something, go for it! Don’t ask for your way to be made easier. But that is what people ask for today. They want the same quality of life as a millionaire without all the mindset, strategy, sales skills, etc. All those saying they want equality do not want equality. They want preferential treatment because that is what they keep getting that makes them satisfied. And you do know that preferential treatment is “racism” but in another color.


The poverty of “blacks” is their own making. Believe me, I know. Most of these people have a culture of poverty they carry everywhere they go. If you are going to be successful, it doesn’t matter what odd stands in your way, you will be successful. It may take a while because of the unfairness in the world, but if you keep your eyes on the goal, you will get there.

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