This Marketing Technique is Half Science, Half Sorcery

It is used on you every day, why don’t you learn how to use it too?

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How many things do you know that influences the buying decisions of people?

In fact, let me ask you, do you know everything that influences your buying decision?

We make up logical reasons in our heads that support our decision

How then do we make buying decisions?

A witty answer that is already wildly accepted is EMOTIONS. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, as you would see in the video.

Just by that Google increased their annual revenue by $200M. I bet you didn’t notice the change in color

And it is not just Google, also Cocacola and a particular wine store where they tested this secret. My personal favorite was a story, towards the end of the talk, about a certain “spillage” problem. And how a “fly” that is not even real solved that problem for the good of all mankind :)

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