This is a very thoughtful write, but the problem is much more complex than that. I know Africa very well from the inside, so when I find the international world coming to help on the matter of poverty I just shake my head. I usually begin by asking; the developed and wealthy places of the world, who sent them aid? What took those places out of extreme poverty? If the answer is so clear from them, why don’t we replicate it in those other suffering societies?

Personally, I believe the goals to “eradicate poverty” is a deception in itself. Nobody talks about unleashing prosperity. Meanwhile, the opposite of poverty is prosperity. Why can’t the goals be to unleash prosperity? That simple wording change makes any approach to meet those goals purposeful and reasonable. To eradicate poverty is like saying you want to eradicate darkness and nobody is talking or thinking about turning on the light! Instead of eradicating darkness, why don’t we switch to propagating light?

I have an unpublished manuscript on this issue (and others) with stories from a 3rd world environment. This is something people who care in advanced societies should know. The hungry person you feed today will be hungry tomorrow. And guess what, they will be expecting you to feed them again. That is not the pathway of growth and growth is the answer.

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