This 19-Paged Book Shows How Easy It Is to Create a Side-Income

The opportunities are closer than you think

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What Is a Side-Income?

A side-income is income that comes in on the side for you. This is not your main job or work. In most cases, it is not a job at all. But it produces income.

How much you earn is based on what the result of your work means to the other person

If you can help someone make $30 million, they won’t mind paying you $3 million. But if the outcome of your work means $1,000 to the other person, you can be sure they will find it hard to pay you anything over $100.

The 19-Paged Book

I thought about the concept of side-income recently and discovered that most people have a misconception about it. They think of a side-income as a second job. Yes, it can appear as a second job, but there is a difference.

Your first side-income is closer than you think

I released a small 19-page ebook on Amazon recently on the concept of side-incomes. And in a few hours, it made it to two bestseller lists. I was surprised about that. But it showed that the information is something very valuable to a lot of people.

The Strange Effect

The strange thing here is that by the time you start reading the book, you will begin to recall side-income opportunities you have missed. And the reason you missed it was because you didn’t recognize it.

A Testimonial Already

A lady who is on my email list read the book and immediately discovered that her side-income opportunity has been in her inbox for a while. She is an IG fashion influencer looking to partner with more brands.

The Cost…

If the ebook makes you an extra $1,000 a month, wouldn’t you consider it worth $100? What if it makes you an extra $500 per month, would you willingly pay $50 for it? Anyone should.

If you are not interested in creating a side-income for yourself, don’t read the book yet. Wait until you are hungry

But for those who are hungry, the book costs… 99 cents.

Create Your First Side-Income

Here is the book link:

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