The True Meaning of Greatness

This is what everyone acclaimed “great” has in common

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Great people are outcasts or outliers in their day

Consider Shakespeare, his genius was recognized widely after his death. What about the philosopher who insisted the world is not flat. Even more recently, Steve Jobs. A number of those who worked closely with him thought of him as an alien.

Every one of the great people you can think of was controversial in their days

And they were not controversial to conform with popular ideas or trending styles. They are controversial based on their own beliefs. What they know and prove to themselves to be the right course of life.

Greatness means controversial

If you are afraid of being labeled, hated, misunderstood, misinterpreted, you are just not ready. It is harder to be great today because there are more platforms to beat conformity into people (especially at a young age). The school system wants to tell people what to believe and give little room to think for themselves.

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