The Tough Art of Making Generational Impact

What it takes to make a lasting and permanent positive change

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Making Impact

I discovered something very interesting. The communities in Africa that enjoy civilization are those penetrated by the missionaries. The communities that were not, still remain backward to this day. Today, many organizations have more money and resources than those missionaries. Yet they struggle to make any reasonable impact. While the missionaries succeeded, these organizations are struggling not to admit failure.

What the missionaries gave is simple — they gave themselves

I made another observation. People who worked firsthand with educated foreigners were the most educated. Although they were not the most intelligent or the most certified. And the education I mean is the one that transcends all areas of life. They think differently. The arrangement of their house is different. Their thoughts about achievement are different.

The Hope

Selfishness has brought the world to the negative spot it is today. And sometimes, selfishness is not an obvious hoarding. It is a mindset and mentality delivered from generation to generation. And nobody tries to think differently.

Do you need to have your own child before you feel a sense of responsibility towards a child?

There will always be stupid and foolish people. There will always be people that will give birth to 9–10 children who cannot even take care of one. The hope children like that have is the selfless person.

The selfless person is the person who can look beyond himself, beyond what he wants, to go the road less traveled, to positively affect a person he has no obligation to

The hope of the hopeless man is the selfless man. And that’s what those missionaries were and that’s why they succeeded. It may not look like their success to you but believe me, it is.

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