The One Thing Technology will Never be Able to do

Is the current tech advancement trend improving society or brainwashing people?

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Almost all adults not living in remote villages and towns have mobile phones. Majority of those adults living in urban cities have smartphones. Just in case you are a bit rusty, a smartphone is a phone that is capable of organizing your life and anticipating your needs in a timely fashion. It is a small fragment of a growing trend generally known as IoT — Internet of Things.

The basic function of the phone is to be able to communicate to someone faraway. The transmission of sound waves through technological channels to bring the one’s voice to the hearing of another even while far apart. ‘Mobile’ is a characteristic attached to the telephone after it became something that could be taken and moved around. Ever since the phone became mobile, more functions have been added to it. In the past, people need a bag of stuff to have everything they required; maps, camera, pen, notebook, dictionary, watch, etc. Now, a smartphone has functions for all these things and more. The internet came into reality and now it can be accessed swiftly via a smartphone today.

Technology has certainly made significant progress especially in the last couple of decades, but how as it affected human lives? There is this unspoken rule about work that it’s all about making life easier and better for other people and the coming generations. Surely that is how the previous generation have thought and gave us the technologies we have today. No doubt the inventions have been brilliant. But are people better because of it? Does it give a better chance at fulfillment? Think about that honestly for a second.

Have you ever spent time to dress for a party, putting on your best outfit the best way you see fit, only for you to get to the party and feel so down because you believe you are the worst dressed person? That’s kind of what new technology advancement is mostly doing.

Does that mean tech advancement should slow down or stop? Of course not! It just shows lateral growth is just as important, if not more important than longitudinal growth. The number of people a technological advancement trend carries along is very important. The larger the better. They may be numbers to you, but each life matters. Let’s improve society; not get it high.

The emphasis of tech has been getting society high rather than feeding it. Everybody wants a piece of the new shining thing. But then it grows stale very quickly. The stable, good and remarkable is forgotten. Everybody wants to change the world. Everybody wants to create the next big thing. It sends everybody on the wild goose chase.

Yes, we have all these tech advancements around us today but is the fundamental life of the average person today better than that of the average person in the 1960s?

A man once mentioned on Twitter that he was very dumb and stupid in his teens and did a lot of things he wasn’t proud of. Then, he was very grateful of the fact that there was no camera phone then and no social media.

I was surfing Twitter not too long ago and I came across a tweet where a guy announced he had sex with a particular girl (mentioned her username) the previous night. The girl, of course, was irritated (judging by her response). I don’t know any of them but it was so embarrassing. It wasn’t an anonymous account or parody account but of two real people. Is this the better future tech created?

When people are excited about the future possibilities of tech, I’m not even moved. This is because humankind is failing at the current reality. Everybody is pretending they’re enjoying it. We pretend we love the urban life, only to inflict ourselves with pain just to feel pleasure. So many people can’t feel pleasure anymore unless it is accompanied by some pain. People who make others laugh and cheer up die of depression. And the stakes keep getting higher day by day.

Are we enjoying what the previous generation built for us? Are we working because we love to and want to or we are working because we need to and have to? If you have all the resources you require in your hands and quality life is guaranteed, what will you work on? I want to see the world a truly better place for people to live in. Paying attention to the planet’s ecosystem has just a little to do with this.

Fixing the world of people has everything to do with this and that is the one thing technology cannot do. Rather, it is the job of other people who know better.

So, when that new tech device arrives and it’s looking so tempting, remember that it was not really designed to solve your problems. Instead it was really created to create new problems for you. The mobile smartphone is fast becoming the key to everything. However this brings its drawback of security and theft. And the response for that is more technology.

Technology is not the world’s answer. It is good but it is not going to make the change we want to so badly see in the world. Who will teach the younger generation about the dangers of abuse of social media? Even if it were included in the school curriculum, would the kids listen? It’s time to become tech-responsible. Where are the lines, boundaries and limits?

Everybody is still pretty much carried away about the data scandals. But how many people really understood what the violations were? You would be surprised how many people think bad weather affects cloud computing. The social responsibility of today’s tech leaders is not feeding the poor or building shelters in impoverish places, rather it is in educating the public. Society is only improved when people are on tabs with technological advancement.

I rest my case

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