The One Thing Technology will Never be Able to do

Is the current tech advancement trend improving society or brainwashing people?

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Have you ever spent time to dress for a party, putting on your best outfit the best way you see fit, only for you to get to the party and feel so down because you believe you are the worst dressed person? That’s kind of what new technology advancement is mostly doing.

Does that mean tech advancement should slow down or stop? Of course not! It just shows lateral growth is just as important, if not more important than longitudinal growth. The number of people a technological advancement trend carries along is very important. The larger the better. They may be numbers to you, but each life matters. Let’s improve society; not get it high.

Yes, we have all these tech advancements around us today but is the fundamental life of the average person today better than that of the average person in the 1960s?

A man once mentioned on Twitter that he was very dumb and stupid in his teens and did a lot of things he wasn’t proud of. Then, he was very grateful of the fact that there was no camera phone then and no social media.

Fixing the world of people has everything to do with this and that is the one thing technology cannot do. Rather, it is the job of other people who know better.

So, when that new tech device arrives and it’s looking so tempting, remember that it was not really designed to solve your problems. Instead it was really created to create new problems for you. The mobile smartphone is fast becoming the key to everything. However this brings its drawback of security and theft. And the response for that is more technology.

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