The Kind of Writing that Builds Connections

How to make readers like you

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Decisions are rooted in emotions

People defend their thoughts and ideas with logic. But they did not accept the thought or idea through logic.

What does this have to do with writing?

There are different kinds of content to appeal to different types of audiences. However, nowadays the need to feel happy trumps the desire for some sort of achievement.

If you want to connect with an audience, talk about your failures

This is hard. First, we even don’t like to admit those failures to ourselves. It is a constant struggle. And when we talk about how great we are, we say it for ourselves to feel good. But lie that it’s what the audience really needs.

Back to my story

I was sharing content based on logic on my newsletter and I was getting poor results (by my standards). I wanted better but I couldn’t pinpoint what I needed to change.

To build a connection with readers, you need to appeal to their emotions. To appeal to their emotions, you say what best friends say to each other

If it helps you, before writing especially to a cold audience, assume each member of the audience is your best friend.

How ironic is this, that the way to fly high is to pull yourself down in front of an audience. Weird, but it works

I hope this helps you communicate better in writing

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