The Fault In All Electric Cars

A lesson in branding

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The Environment

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the environment. And neither does anyone who is not buying an electric car. We live in this environment because it is habitable for us. We even haven’t come to a consensus on how the environment came to be. But we do understand that there must be a balance.

  1. Vehicles are responsible for 75% of air pollution in the US
  1. According to research by the European Energy Agency, with electricity generation, the carbon emissions of an electric car is 17–30% lower than that of a petrol or diesel car

The problem is not the production of what has the potential of destroying the environment. Instead, the problem is the lack of production of what has the potential to save it

My point is that one person buying an electric car is pointless in saving the environment. Many people buying an electric car is still pointless in trying to “save the environment”. That is because the emission you are trying to factor out of the equation is very likely being added by someone else through another process. An electric car does not generate electricity, remember. And there is more.

The Fault

The first electric car was not a Telsa. It was developed by William Morrison in 1890 with a top speed of 14mph. Why has the development been so slow? The short answer: Money.

If we don’t care about nothing except ourselves for what we buy, how then do we expect to buy an electric car because it is good for the environment?

I know there are some fans of electric cars. And I doubt if they are sincere. Most people love Tesla because of Elon Musk. If he leaves the company today, most of them will discover they don’t care about the environment. But some people are passionate about cars being electric. But I think the wave is at its max. This means everybody that will love it already does. And if it is not mainstream now, there are only 2 options in the future.

The Future Options

There are only two ways for electric cars to become mainstream. The first way is through government policy. This is where governments around the world make laws not stop the use of any other car asides from electric cars. And they are already mildly doing this.

The Other Fault

By the way, what I considered most annoying about electric cars is the fact that I have to wait for it to charge. That is a turnoff. You see, I want a car, not a phone. I don’t want my car to be charging. As you know, one of the big problems we have with phones is the fact that we have to charge it.


People say electric cars are safer. But we all know that cars don’t cause accidents, drivers do. We also know that one feature is a compromise for another feature. For example, we want a lightweight for speed but we also want a strong body to withstand impact.


If you own an electric car, what would you tell someone (with cash right now) to persuade the person to buy an electric car? (Try not to pitch a Tesla).

We don’t want to buy a car that is good for the environment, we want a car that is good for us. Period!

I rest my case

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