The End of News Media Reporting is Near

Fake news and alternative facts have made reporting useless

Photo by Filip Mishevski on Unsplash

Do you watch the news? I don’t anymore. Nowadays, if I want to find out what is going on, I go on Twitter and read the tweets of verified accounts that are decision-makers on the matter.

I have grown to loathe news reports. It’s like tasting a rotten fruit. On the one hand, they confuse you. If that is not the case, they feed you with their own narrative.

Initially, the bias was classy. I didn’t know how much of a narrative the media was feeding out. I started getting suspicious during the 2016 US elections. The credible global networks were so one-sided. And when the candidate they didn’t prefer won the election, the pretense ended and they went unashamedly one-sided.

What surprised me the most was how I had bought several of their narratives in the past. How much of it was real, how much of it was narrative? We will probably never know.

After the 2016 US elections, I saw a popular American billionaire live on TV saying that the new president is going to fail and he will see to that. I was surprised. The new President hasn’t even been sworn in yet. And since then, it has been one negative narrative after another.

If you ask me, I’d say the President is doing great. I read tweets from the decision-makers on both sides. The reason is that the news media has grown completely unreliable. And the problem is reporting.

I have witnessed the best of news turned into a nightmare of information. I have also seen the worst turned into something that isn’t newsworthy at all. The media is now divided based on their political affiliations. And it has ruined news forever.

A friend of mine once remarked:

One day President Trump will leave the White House, I wonder what will happen to CNN then

Outside the US, CNN used to be the most popular network. I don’t know if they still are. I used to watch it, now I can’t stand it. They have to talk about Trump and it is always some twisted narrative.

All other networks are not so different. Everyone trying to be partisan. Nobody is committed to ousting creepy narratives. They are all selling their own narratives. Some are better than others, but all are equally guilty.

Here is my guess: none of these media houses will have their reputation back even after all the mayhem calms down. There will be new industry leaders.

I believe that innovation is coming to the media industry. The new leaders won’t spill narratives or convenient facts. They will be highly transparent and impossible to maneuver. I think Twitter can be one.

The new media will be made up of only what the decision-makers say and do. No opinions, no analysis, nothing. The age of news by reporters is coming to its dusk. I believe the world would be a better place with news that is without every form of reporting.

You could say this innovation would be mean to journalism. But they had it coming. With today’s reality, it is certain that journalism is dead. Everything is marketing. They are trying to make you either love something or hate it.

I look forward to a world of news media without reporting. The world needs it now more than ever.

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