How To Turn Random Internet Strangers Into Friends

A tested method from several attempts

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Ever since I ventured into the internet world, I have been fascinated with meeting new people. This is especially people from other countries. However, the internet community isn’t so nice.

Initial Attempts

My first experience trying to make friends on the internet didn’t work well. I wanted to share an idea with someone as a newbie on the platform. This was several years ago. The platform wasn’t any of the big social networks today. But it was fairly big too. And it still exists today. Needless to say, another user called me a fraudster and some others supported the notion. I never visited that platform again.

It took a long while before I summoned the courage to try out making new friends on the Internet again. And this time, it was Twitter. I made an interesting comment on the profile picture of a stranger. In my mind, the comment was harmless. But apparently, the user didn’t see it that way. My account was blocked.

That account was later restored and I stopped trying to make friends with random people. Twitter still remains my favorite social platform, by the way.

My problem with Facebook is that I could only connect with those who were already my friends in the real world. And that became super boring to me when I had these huge number of friends who I really don’t know. I looked at my homepage one time and couldn’t understand what was happening. So, I just abandoned Facebook and use it only to relate in closed groups.

The Real First Step

Most people think the first step in turning random internet strangers into friends is to pick a platform. This is not quite true. It is not about the platform. Instead, it is about what led you to the platform.

The real first step is to pick the line of interest you want to use to connect with other people. When I was just going on platforms to meet people, it wasn’t working.

The moment I switched and started following my interests to wherever they lead, I started making friends.

The interests I have used and followed include; Christianity, bitcoin & crypto, entrepreneurship, marketing, etc. And they have brought me friends in platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit.

The Guide

If you want to make friends on the internet, here are the guidelines:

  • Pick an interest (or two, or more)
  • Find where the hottest conversation on that subject of interest is taking place
  • Start with a forum (or forum discussions)
  • Don’t begin with peddling your opinion. Find people you agree with (not necessarily 100%) and voice your agreement with their point of view
  • After you have mixed a bit with the conversational atmosphere, you can start doing your own opinions. It could be the same day you got on the platform, it could also be after many days
  • You should have people who will like what you said
  • Mark those people. Wait for when they need help and find a way to help them
  • If you successfully help a stranger and the stranger expressed gratitude, you have made a friend.

I have done this many times now. And have made friends all around the world following this principle.

The Most Important

The most important is the last two steps. In fact, those are the major steps I take now. I move around on the platform and find anyone needing help. Then, think of ways to help them.

I offer to help and they often accept the offer. And afterward, they become people I can easily relate with. Think about it; if you have a problem or challenge and a random stranger online helped you resolve it, won’t you make friends with the stranger?

I must confess also that some offers have gone haywire. That is especially on Twitter. Maybe a piece of advice sounds harsh and they block. There will always be such people. However, I do not try to make new friends on Twitter anymore. Right now, my best platform for this is Reddit.

Never forget:

The secret of making friends is becoming useful to them in their time of need or distress

I hope you have learned something.

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