The Climate Change Hoax (Or Not?)

If you choose to read this, empty your bias first

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There is no justice, there is only power

Think about that for a few seconds. What you call justice today is power demonstrated. Keep that in your mind as I analyze the climate issue from my perspective.

What is climate change?

From what I can understand from what is being peddled around, it is an unfavorable change in the climate caused primarily by human activities that will make the earth unhabitable eventually.

The arguments

I know you will bring up the report that says 97% of scientists agree there is a climate crisis. But I did my research on that too. Turns out it is a cunny make-up.

The problem of the path they are suggesting is that we would NEVER get there

Never! It will always be from one thing to another.

They want to fight “climate change” with government policies and government money. I strongly oppose

I believe if you want to fight climate change, do it like Elon Musk is doing it. Create your own business and make alternatives! In fact, if you do that I’ll be willing to help and support you in ways I can. But if you carry placards on the street or go throw a tantrum before the UN, I’d be pissed off.

My assessment

Here is my own bias: I don’t believe in the claims of “climate change”. But the reason is that I have seen no convincing proofs. And I have studied the subject quite a bit. But anyway, my agreement or disagreement doesn’t make much difference. However, if the beautiful future of pure air, a renewable energy source is your goal, I bond with you. In fact, I have things I plan to do to play a part in that. Just not under the cloak of “climate change”.

My verdict

This is my verdict on climate change. I think it is propaganda that gives power, significance, and purpose to some people (or keeps power in their hands). Think about people who are where they are today because of the climate change noise.

However, every conscious effort made to combat “climate change” wouldn’t make any significant difference in the long run

I know what you would say now: the propaganda will inspire some people and perhaps even you. Nope! The propaganda pisses me off every time I hear it. All those who act because of the propaganda will struggle and give up eventually. The problem solvers will always be people who felt a particular problem directly (and hence, really understand it).

What was that quote I started with?

I rest my case

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