That Awkward Moment You Hear a Gunshot Close By

Laughter and lessons from a real-life event

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Conscious Reality

Earlier around the time the bombings started, a close friend of my parents died in a bombing. I knew the man very well. When I heard the news, I took it as we took floggings in basic (i.e. secondary) school. It hurts as it strikes but you act like it’s nothing because over time it will be nothing. We call it ‘dusting’. Those things only made me more resolute to my call.


One morning, my roommate rushed to the room and shouted, ‘you are still here, don’t you hear gunshots?’. I dropped my headset and tried to pay attention to what he was saying. And sure enough, as I dropped my headset, I heard serious gunshots.

We later made jokes from the incident but when it was happening, it wasn’t a joke

Shortly after that, we heard that robbers attacked a nearby town. They shot at anything that moved. They stole (and killed) and there was nothing to hinder their operation.

The Solution Illusion

When I hear that they want to fight crime in a place, I often wonder what exactly they have in mind to do. It is almost like the chronicles of a thief but now, the person has graduated to a criminal. So, what can you do?

If you say that doesn’t bother you, what do you do if that criminal meets you in a situation you don’t want to be?

The law doesn’t fight crime neither does it stop crime. The law is there to punish crime and criminals. There is no hope of crime ending by law and order. Crime can be reduced to a minimal level by conditioning people by the design of society. But the day a loophole shows or the criminals get sophisticated enough, all the good jobs you’ve done will go into the sewer. If you spend so much on something not happening, you only make it big news if (and when) it happens.

Real Questions

I heard something somewhere that goes, ‘peace is boring’. To be honest, there is an element of truth in that.

If you want to stop something or end something, what you should think about is what you need to start

That is because you don’t change things by trying to stop what is. You change things by starting something else to compete and replace what you don’t want. This is how to think forward.

Dead Banks

In May 2015 when we first came into the town, it was a time like no other. Colleagues in the vehicle were already taunting themselves about where they were going. After an hour on the road, we had left the major town in the state. All we kept seeing were small villages with mud houses and bald bushes with hills. The morale of the group was at an all-time low. I wasn’t disturbed though.

Fear of Bomb Blasts

Those robbers are different from the media-famous terrorist group. The bombing story of the terrorists is for another time. The thing about the bombers is that they caused so much fear.

How Strong are your Convictions?

There is something about a suicide bomber, he is ready to die. The problem is you that want to stop him — are you as dedicated as he is to his cause?

Can your convictions stand where his own is standing?

He is willing to die for what he believes — do you have something that strong that you believe? Are you ready to die for it? If you are not ready to die for what you believe, you are not ready to live what you believe.

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