Thanks Ori. The model I have as a new system is quite simple. What most places need is an educated and informed minority deciding who gets into any governmental position.

My suggestion is to make the general public vote for who these minorities (i.e. selection committee) will be. The nominees that will be presented for this voting will be nominated by organizations (and groups) of great reputation in the society and they will be sticking their neck out and putting their reputation on the line for whomever they nominate. Plus, there will be no formal campaign by any one of the nominees before the voting (because it is a community service). Anyone who attempts a campaign will be automatically disqualified.

After the nominees have been chosen, they will choose a general secretary among themselves who will moderate their affairs. After this, people who are interested in becoming government officials will pick up forms and declare their intention and qualification. Each one of them must find 2 referees that are well respected in the society to vouch for them. The referees must be people who have handled sensitive positions (whether in public service or private) and have good records (especially, no criminal records). People in the selection committee cannot be a referee.

Due to the large number of people that will be interested, the selection committee produces a clear criteria to screen out applicants. The criteria will vary with each election season. The remaining applicants will then be subject to a public interview by the selection committee. The general public will watch the interview live. Each member of the selection committee publicly grades each applicant and the combined grade an applicant gets determines whether they go forward or not. From the results, applicants are fixed into the positions they applied to. Others are fixed into nearby positions. Unfilled positions can be given to impressive applicants who didn’t get what they applied for. And the chosen top government officials will be allowed to pick their team (which will be vetted by the committee).

After the team is set, they present their roadmap to the committee. And this marks the beginning of their tenure. The selection committee continues as the conflict resolution team for the government. Also, they assess the government officials every 2 years where they can fire any official for functioning far less than expectation. A replacement will be chosen by the remaining officials and vetted into the position by the committee.

A tenure will run for 8 years. The last year will be the election year. A new selection committee will be elected every election year.

That’s just a rough idea. This would make government far easier in most of the places with governance challenges.

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