Thank God I Played During School Holidays

More work or study wouldn’t have been worth it

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For all those of you who worked and studied without any break in school, how is life treating you? As I think back on my journey through school into adulthood, a couple of stories stick out for me.

One day, during the summer holidays, my sister and I were wandering through the street from one house to another. On our way we encountered a man who is a stranger in every sense of the word. He asked us what we were doing and were we were going. In the bid to be polite, I gave him a kind of answer.

Then he went on to give us some kind of lecture of why we should be in a summer school. He almost scolded us. And this was a total stranger. I was very pissed, but I was too cultured to say anything rude to him.

The years have come and gone. What edge did summer school give those who went there? As I reflect on the incident, it dawned on me:

Thank God I played during school holidays

To what end is it if you work so hard and never enjoy life. Life just passes you by. They tell us to work hard so we can have a beautiful future, but they never said the beautiful future will also be a working nightmare.

Recently, I realized this:

The reward for work is more work

Promotion at your workplace isn’t to have more time or enjoy a beautiful life. No, it is to work harder. Yes, the money is there but it will likely be enjoyed by other people.

People always assume they will live to a ripe old age. So every time they have this beautiful vision of the future ahead of them. But they forget that the future isn’t promised to anyone. All you have is today.

I cannot get back my childhood, and you can’t replace every moment that you spend. If you aren’t using your time for what you love and find fulfilling, I doubt if you are ever going to do that.

I played during the school holidays and I don’t regret it. Maybe I could have traveled more and tried more things. But for what it’s worth, I enjoyed my time.

All those who studied their brains out during the holidays, I don’t see how it’s paying off for them. There are many factors that trigger success in life and I am quite sure studying during the holidays isn’t one of them.

For those who work through the holidays, I can still relate to that. Even though I never did that. Some work can be fun and a real-life learning process. Others work because they have to, not because they want to. But the important fact here is to enjoy life and not let it pass you by.

Did you play during your school holidays?

How are you enjoying your life today? Remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised but today is a gift.


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