Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Solve Problems

The most underrated truth about business success

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You have seen the latest iPhone. Tell me, which problem does it solve?

They lied to us. And they will keep lying. I don’t know if they are aware of the fact that they are lying.

Being a successful entrepreneur has nothing to do with creating effective solutions.

It is like the music industry. Being a successful musical artiste has nothing to do with your ability to sing. If you pursue a career in music based on your ability to sing, you won’t go far.

You create a product for a market. Not look for a market for a product you have created

Are there businesses that have sprung out of “looking for a market for the product”? I think so. But not as many as you would think because many don’t like to reveal all their secrets. But if you look at the stats of those that have failed, you would see better.

It is never about the product, it is (has always been, will always be) about the market

Create a hot market first.

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