Stop watching “reality” TV shows

How we create our own unhappiness through things completely unnecessary

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In trying not to be weird, we have become weird

I cannot force you to stop watching "reality" TV shows. But I can give you a tip that will change your life and increase your happiness. Talk beautifully about what you have. Let nobody make you unhappy with what you have. Cease to be fake, just be real. Have a simple (but true) philosophy of life that you abide by. Listen to those who see more in you than you see in yourself. Stop listening to those pointing your attention to everything else but yourself. Don’t be afraid for the businesses, they will survive. If everybody stops buying the ridiculous things they produce, they will sit down and figure out how to make what people truly need. Never said you should not use make-up, I only said you should have a true philosophy of life and live it out in all sincerity. Of course, you will have to upgrade your philosophy from time to time but you must make sure that you are listening to the right people to do this.

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