Stop Waiting for Someone to Hire You

Stop chasing money, build bridges instead

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The Irrational Chase

Many often expect that after school, an employer should come running after them. But in reality, the opposite happens. After waiting a while, they run out of desperation, writing applications and chasing interviews.

The Favor Economy

The answer is simple: Build bridges. What does this mean? Back to the illustration of the small island, the canoes passing around need something. In most cases, they need another canoe that they probably don’t know or cannot see. But you at the riverbank can see every vessel that passes.

The Big Secret

I have discovered that the most reliable way to get a first job or client is through relationships. Those relationships will not magically fly to you. You have to get them.

Everybody wants something

If you can get enough people what they want, then what you want will fall on your laps on a platter. Forget about what you want and think about what those around you would trade anything for. If you can get them their wants, they would ask you yours and feel obliged to get it to you.

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