Stop Waiting for Someone to Hire You

Stop chasing money, build bridges instead

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We have all been there. It’s a gulf that looks apparent someone must come to save you. It is like you are surrounded by the river on every side and you have no boat. You expect that someone with a boat should come in and get you out.

There is just only one problem. There is no guarantee that the boat you want will show up. Perhaps you want a huge ship and you sit at that river bank expecting the ship. And none shows up. However, you close your eyes to the canoes passing you by.

If you are waiting for a big break, or the job of your dreams, there is a very high probability that you will wait indefinitely. The way to get to where you want is to be on the move.

The Irrational Chase

Many often expect that after school, an employer should come running after them. But in reality, the opposite happens. After waiting a while, they run out of desperation, writing applications and chasing interviews.

I understand the rationale. There is student loan debt. So the money has to start pouring in. Or maybe there isn’t any debt but just adversity. Colleagues are getting good jobs and comfortable in their profession. And they were not better than you.

You could join the chase too. But there is a better way. A company may even decide to hire you during your wait. However, there is a better way. The way of not waiting for someone to hire you.

The Favor Economy

The answer is simple: Build bridges. What does this mean? Back to the illustration of the small island, the canoes passing around need something. In most cases, they need another canoe that they probably don’t know or cannot see. But you at the riverbank can see every vessel that passes.

What if you can build a bridge or connect two canoes who need each other but don’t know they do?

In the real world, the favor economy is quite big and strong. Friends and associates can fail to help you but someone that owes you a favor will make efforts to pay back or reciprocate the gesture.

So instead of sitting there, waiting for the magic to happen, make things happen for other people. Make them owe you. Not in a bad, pushy way but in a memorable way. Help them get what they want.

The Big Secret

I have discovered that the most reliable way to get a first job or client is through relationships. Those relationships will not magically fly to you. You have to get them.

Instead of reaching out to people and asking them for a job or for something you want, ask them for something they want. Here is the rule of the real world:

Everybody wants something

If you can get enough people what they want, then what you want will fall on your laps on a platter. Forget about what you want and think about what those around you would trade anything for. If you can get them their wants, they would ask you yours and feel obliged to get it to you.

I partnered with two web designers recently. The first one I found by my ad skills. And the problem was that I was the person trying to push the partnership to work. For the second one, I didn’t try to partner at all. I didn’t even know he was a web designer. He had a marketing problem and I helped him with some insights on what to do. He found the advice very useful.

Then I asked other questions that led us to talk about what we do for work. And then a partnership came out of there. Interestingly, this time he was the one pushing the idea.

So, stop waiting for someone to hire you. Stop chasing money. Build bridges for other people. Become resourceful to solve the problems of others. And when you do, you can trust that the favor economy will work for you.

Practice this and watch the results wow you.

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