Stop Looking Up To The Government

Where the change we want is going to come from

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Politics and Promises

A man without a word is nothing. If your word means nothing then it means you are fading away. And if you promise something you cannot guarantee, what does that make you? Well, only politicians promise something they can’t guarantee. I have always wondered why they go through so much to get elected into public office. Only to claim they want to serve the public.

What’s in it for you?

For example, if you ask me what’s in it for me in writing this article, I’ll tell you. What I want is to get the attention of at least one influential person passionate about these issues. The problem of transparency is that most people have not defined themselves. And the sad part of it is that they want other people’s choices to be at their mercy. If you want to make a change in the world, don’t join politics. It is going to be a big mistake. Why?

You cannot make any real change as a politician elected into governance positions

A Politician will Change the World?

Politics is a one-way ticket. It has this dirty and murky hallway but has a beautiful stage. The problem for most people is that they see the stage. They imagine themselves on the stage and encourage themselves towards it. They never think about the hallway.

Politics is NOT Leadership

For most parts of the world, the route to governance is politics. That is the misnomer for me. I don’t believe the general public should determine who gets into where. Governance is not leadership — that is the mistake a lot of people are making. If the responsibility is administrative, the election should be one that is administrative. Of course, it must be a custom process for each country. And it must be trustworthy and sustainable.

Not the Government’s Job

Many years ago, when offenders were caught, they were either exiled or killed. The idea of keeping people in a place to re-evaluate and re-orientate their lives came from a Christian organization. That idea is what evolved into the modern-day prison. Today, it looks natural for the government to run prisons. And people don’t get better there, they get worse.

What Politicians Do

I heard something funny about a state governor in one of the neighboring states of this small remote town. He distributed wheelbarrows to the youths in his state as part of his youth empowerment scheme. When I heard it, the regime of the governor was long gone, so it was something we could openly laugh about. I still know of places where they give motorcycles and the so-called youths are excited because of it.

This is what politicians do — they remain a politician after their election into office

Expecting something different to come from a politician is like expecting water to flow uphill. This is the futility of government. Even if they tried, they will still fail because it’s not something they are supposed to do.

Taking Responsibility

But since things are the way they are, wise people need to stand up. It will take people taking up responsibilities away from the government to change things. That is a big deal and will take lots of powerful people, time and restructuring to happen.

Inducing a change is something complex and complicated. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t try just because you seem to have the resources to.

Think about it.

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