Stop hating rejections

This exercise makes you immune to the pain of rejection

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The goal is not for you to avoid rejection or minimize rejection but to make you love rejections, get comfortable with it and make you launch out more tenaciously without any fear

How can one possibly love rejections? It is very possible. You can get to the point where you even look forward to rejections. When you become comfortable with rejections, it becomes easier for you to succeed. People who are comfortable with rejections achieve more than those who are shattered by it because they have no reason to hold back on putting themselves out there again and again and again. Are you tired of applying? What you need to do to turn the tide is to change your approach.

So then, what do you do? Apply only for things you are not qualified for!

And then try to sell yourself hard for it without trying to cover up for the qualification you don’t have. When you see what they want that you don’t have, look for what you have that seems comparable in a sense and sell it hard in your application. Do not apply for what you are overqualified for, rather apply for what you are under-qualified for. Then, make your application so much fun such that you look forward to what they’ll say if they reject you. Write applications that have a high probability of rejection (to build your resilience) but make it so compelling and juicy.

But you could get accepted and that could make a whole lot of difference in your life!!!

If you are invited to an interview based on your application, remember that it is something you are not qualified for. So, just go there and have fun! Don’t pressure yourself for the job. If you think you will surely get the job, you probably should not apply for it (for this exercise). But if it is quite above your level, dare yourself and apply for it.

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