Stop Giving Your Problems Cute Names

Learn how to be hostile to what you don’t want

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Too many times I see people give excuses of why they can’t succeed. They know too much about what they lack. They have extensive knowledge and understanding of what is wrong with them. That is where the problem begins.

What is the description of an ideal person? If we listen to the medicals, something is wrong with everybody. If there is no ideal person, then why do we spot our wrongs? Everybody has one thing in common, and that is imperfection. If this is true, why do we compare ourselves to an imaginary ideal?

Too many times I have had “productivity” discussions with people and one thing will lead to another where the fellow will say, ‘I have xyz disorder’. Incidentally, I noticed that those problems usually have fancy names.

Here is what I believe; a person cannot be personality sick. There is no ideal personality. So stop trying to create a barrier over your soul. With a simple decision, the limits can be taken off and changes can be made. But once you give your problem a name, it becomes 200 times bigger than it originally is.

There is something about words. Words carry great power. Two men went for a cancer test. One tested positive for cancer and the other tested negative. Incidentally, the doctor mistook the test results for each other. He told the man who had cancer that his result was negative and that he was fine. He told the other man who didn’t have cancer that he was positive and that he had 2 years to live.

The man who had cancer who was told he was fine, went on with his normal life and lived a long time after that. Whether the cancer left him or not, no one knows. The other man who didn’t have cancer (who was told he did) obviously started treatment that very day. And he was dead in 2 years just as the doctor said.

The sickness of the man that died is not based on what he had wrong in his body. His sickness began when the doctor gave a pronouncement over his condition. While I do not play down the seriousness of physical conditions, expression matters a lot. The expression of what happened is more powerful than what happened. This is because the expression has the power to shape future events.

The only way the past affects the future is through the present expression of a past event

An additional layer on this is; names. Feelings come and go. But the moment someone names a feeling and attach it to you, that feeling becomes something hard to shake off.

What do you feel now? Xreniad disorder. Do you really believe that? Would you allow those things to cling to you? If you allow them in your mind, they will sabotage your success and make you more comfortable with failure. They won’t take the pain away, they will only suppress it with a lack of ambition.

Learn to be hostile to what you don’t want. Don’t take care, take charge! You live by being active. Reject the name, no matter how cute it sounds.

In this life, you fight for what you want to see happen

Live to fight. Don’t accept what you don’t want, fight it! Imagine if the man who was given the bad news from the doctor had fought that information and thought. It would have driven him to make another test from another doctor and he would have seen he was alright.

Just consider the man who got the good news who actually had the disease. Even though the disease is a deadly spell, the information had an overwhelming influence over it. Information is the strongest element in the world. It was unclear as to what happened to the disease, but the man certainly lived for more than 2 years after that without spending any dime on treatment. Meanwhile, the other man spent a fortune and still died within 2 years.

The lesson here is to fight the information you don’t want about yourself. This is because if you don’t fight it, it will dictate the course of your life. What matters in life is not what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you.

I rest my case

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