Stop Forcing Yourself To Stick To A Daily Routine

There is a reason it is not working for you

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Daily habits and routine works but not every time. They can work for everyone, but you must recognize what phase you are in your life.

Most people listen to successful people who have gained a significant amount of clarity in their lives. Those successful people credit their success to certain habits. Interestingly, the habits are different depending on who is talking. Some pride themselves in being organized, some are disorganized to get results.

Why do routines work?

When you have gotten to that phase of your life where you are no longer in self-discovery mode, successful habits will work for you. However, if you are still trying to figure out life, forcing a routine on yourself might be the worst thing ever.

Routines work because they help you be consistent. But if you have not found the challenge worth your everyday consistent effort, it will be a pain.

Adjusting to life after school is an example of a phase where routines are bad. There is no routine for finding your feet in the real world. And sometimes, your day can be completely unprecedented. You could have certain things you do every day, but there is no timing to it.

Why routines don’t work?

There are several paths to success in life. If your path is yet to be clear to you, you may be observing a routine that is antagonistic to your path. So, here is the lesson:

Get clarity before you create a routine

There are those waiting for 100% clarity. But that is another way to settle for being a failure. 40% clarity is enough to begin building some sort of routine around your day.

However, you must be prepared to burn your routine and take a turn when your path demands you to. Otherwise, you would be shooting yourself in the foot.

When to stop your routine

Daily routines are great. But you must be smart to recognize when they are not working for you. Your emphasis should be on progress, not activity.

If your routine activities are not leading you to make progress at the pace you want or they have no reasonable impact, then it might not be worth it.

Your focus should be on progress. Progress can be defined as you being closer to your dream when the day ends than when the day started.

If it is not fostering your progress, you should probably ditch the routine.


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