Should a Preacher Fly Private?

Preachers, private jets and all the noise that comes with it

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The Advent of Air Travel

First, let’s talk about the private jet. Air travel changed the world significantly in the last century. Long distances can be covered in a much shorter time. The popular mode of transportation, especially between continents, was via ships. Journeys took weeks.

Two Reasons to Fly Private

Lots of people were traveling by air. And even though commercial flights have different convenience levels (like first-class and economy), the value each person places on their time is different. So, if a flight is delayed, for example, passengers in both first-class and economy suffer. This is why top business people refer to flying private to eliminate time-wasting.

The Misconception

However, flying private has been associated with luxury living in today’s world. The internet is filled with pictures and videos that give the idea that the primary purpose of flying private is to display wealth and for extreme comfort. Yes, most private jets offer better comfort than first-class or business class. But considering the extra cost to the extra comfort, the business class of a good airline is as comfortable as most people would ever need.

The Life of Flying Private

Now, let’s talk about the preacher. Is being a preacher a license to fly private? No. Just as being an investor or entrepreneur is not a license to fly private. All kinds of people fly private. And most of them are navigating the two basic reasons explained earlier. There are those who fly private just to feel wealthy and show class. But those people do not fly private consistently. This is because if you fly private, you have to be able to afford it. And if you can afford flying private consistently, you probably need the time you’ll be saving or the seclusion compared to flying commercial.

Should a Preacher?

Should those who work in ministry be prohibited from flying private? No. Absolutely not. However, if their criteria do not fit the two key reasons for flying private, then there might be a problem. Before I comment on a preacher flying private, I ask myself first;

Does the message and schedule of this minister warrant this level of convenience?

Some of the ministers heavily criticized for this closure have some of the craziest travel schedules you can think of. Which makes time-saving a priority. And then they have that level of “fame” that you can’t tell what is going to happen at the airport with everybody else. And also they have a unique message that puts them in demand around the world.

The Elephant in the Room

Now, let’s face the elephant in the room. The major reason why people who feel preachers shouldn’t fly private state for their position is, because of the structure of their organization. “Preachers receive donations, hence they should not use the donations to live lavishly”.

First, flying private is not lavish living. This is what I have tried to explain prior

Second, preachers (who know what they are doing) do not receive donations. There is a big difference between giving to a charity organization and giving to a ministry. Giving to a ministry is for a purpose, not a social cause. You give to a ministry to financially empower them to pursue their divine cause and to be a part of their cause. When I give to a ministry, I expect them to pursue their vision to the full extent of their financial capacity. Time is a fixed resource we can’t create more of, but we can maximize time with other resources.


When you see a preacher flying private, and you have concerns pertaining to that, you should direct your concern to that particular preacher. Never direct your concerns at preachers generically. Each one is different. It is okay if you don’t like some. That is why there are different types. Stay with the ones you like and don’t bother yourself with those you don’t.

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