Protests, Campaigns And Then What?

Ending what we don’t want doesn’t create what we want

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Why would you live just to prolong the day you will die?

The biggest problem is that those who survive still die. So why don’t you live (forward)? Why would you get in debt just to live another day? Why don’t you stop looking up to systems and people and start looking at how you can make your life count for good? And if you are going to do that, the first thing you need is the right information for life and a source that produces it consistently.

Create Growth, Don’t Combat Problems

How do towns get bigger? How does a city become a city? The picture that is painted to the general public seems to suggest that governmental systems make places become what they are. But that is different from the truth.

Talking about the problem only makes the problem grow

It’s that simple. Scientists may never figure this out but words are life. You can make alive and put to death by what you choose to say. But when it comes to something that deals with other people, it matters what those whose voices are amplified say.

That’s because the more you talk about the problem, the bigger the problem gets

And that’s mainly what the news media has to talk about — the problems. The worst part of it is the false hope that keeps coming out and the many people kept hinged on it. Telling the general public what is happening exactly the way it is happening is not always the right thing to do.

Those who really care don’t care

I remember something that took place in the remote town I was. The program that took us all there mandated some community service initiatives. I was grouped in an initiative that has to do with illegal drugs and drug abuse. As you can guess, I was not active at all. The point is, the majority of the colleagues in my group were drug men. The chairperson of the group was the heaviest smoker among all my colleagues in that remote town. So, tell me how anything tangible can come out from that?

Elements of Change

This life has been programmed — if something springs up in a place contrary to the original thing designed for it, it just won’t flourish. That is because it doesn’t rhyme with the original intent of what is supposed to be there. This is what I was trying to explain earlier with cities.

Raising awareness about the problem doesn’t solve the problem and can never solve the problem simply because it wasn’t designed to

Protesting about something you don’t like will only make that thing grow stronger. You can say protesting and campaigns (in general) have made changes in the world before but let me tell you, that can change the law but it cannot change the hearts of men.

The solution to any problem (whatever it may be) will not fix the problem. Therefore, if you are trying to fix the problem you will never arrive at the solution

I was at my parent’s house one time and they announced on TV that a disaster killed hundreds of people in an Asian country. My parents started exclaiming and verbalizing words of sadness and pity. Now, they don’t know those who died personally, they’ve never been to the country before, they don’t even know how people look like there aside from what they see on TV, yet they lament for a loss that is so distant from their lives. I tried to talk them out of that self-deception but they were my parents so they “knew more than I did”.

Futile Initiatives

There was this other initiative that I believe is from the UN that we had to participate in. The goal of the initiative is something I am not sure of. From without, the idea seems great and seems to be something making a difference but from within (i.e. in reality), the working of the idea is so irrelevant to me.

People don’t know what they want until you show it to them

Think about that. Every question designs the answer it receives. Opinion polls by the general public will only lead you into creating new problems.

What Should Big Organizations Do To Really Make a Difference?

It’s very simple:

Stop trying to make a difference, stop trying to fix problems

Instead, take on a challenge outside the regular comfort-zone. Like things of a higher purpose that private individuals have made into money-making ventures.

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