The Game Of Thrones Surprise: Death of the Night King

He had magical powers but he was no warrior

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Previously I wrote my predictions of the episode 3 battle and while some were on point, others were wrong. The most surprising thing in that episode was that the battle was concluded in just one episode.

The death of the Night King is what I believe many didn’t see coming. I didn’t see it coming. As far as I was concerned, he died too easily. Yes, he had magical superiority but the guy was no warrior. Yes, he had fought in the past but his death was too cowardly.

In the dragon fight, he didn’t really fight. When he got down, he avoided a head-on battle with Jon Snow. And Theon could have killed him if he just thought for a minute about what it would take to bring down the Night King.

It is the problem I have today with many teams and organizations. The general belief is that the better team will win. But in critical cases, it is the team that plans to win that will win. What do I mean?

Remember when they were preparing the battle strategy in episode 2. They talked about drawing the Night King out, but they never talked about how he is going to actually die. Perhaps they would have concluded that whoever gets close should spot a moment of vulnerability and strike, even if they die with the Night King.

Let’s take soccer for example. The team most of the time spend their resources and energy trying to be the better team. This is because they believe that the better team will win. But a “small” club in the English Premier League proved my point in 2016 by winning the title. How? By winning every game that mattered. Perhaps they weren’t conscious of it, but it was difficult to keep that team from scoring (even if just 1 goal). Most teams plan to play, they don’t have a definite plan to score. And if you don’t score, you can’t win.

What Arya did, Theon could have done it with his dying breath. But he didn’t even think about it. It wasn’t over when the Night King struck him. His opportunity to kill the Night King was between the time he got struck and when he finally lost consciousness. He could have gotten the job done.

What was the difference Arya had? She thought well about it before she made the move. She knew she would be caught. She probably factored in the fact that she might be struck first (which didn’t happen). Nevertheless, she got the job done. So…

Be like Arya; don’t plan to be better, instead plan for the moment that will change the game

I have seen countless games where the better team lost. It takes just one moment. There is a moment that defines every game. What happens during that moment dictates the outcome of the game. Plan for the moments.

Someone mentioned that if the Night King and Thanos had a face-off match, who would win? I don’t even think that is a worthy question. Thanos will dismember the Night King piece by piece. If the Night King chooses to use his magical power to wake the dead, then let Thanos have the infinity stones too. Maybe just the power stone.

I think Marvel should do the story of Thanos in a trilogy. I think it would be a hit.

There’s not so much to be expected in GOT episode 4. Just the preparation to go fight Cersei. And I won’t be surprised if something or someone brings back the Night King.


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