Medium Swings Left, So What?

Write for posterity, not for popularity

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Accept that Medium swings left

Just in case you don’t know what that is, I’ll explain briefly. The political media of the world divided the world in a spectrum of left to right based on their political ideas. The left consists of liberals, democrats, socialists, and so on. The right consists of republicans, populists, and so on.

But on a platform like Medium, there is no such scrutiny. Moreover, it is a platform for all kinds of articles and not just political

Shannon seems to suggest in her article to also swing left in writing so that posts can do better. And that is where I differ.

Don’t whine because Medium leans left, instead make your article so good that it is hard to ignore

This might not pay off immediately, but sometimes in the future, it will make a difference to someone important.

Write articles your great-grandchildren can be proud of

I rest my case.

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