Readers are NOT Leaders

Just because you are a learner doesn’t mean you will succeed

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I hear this stuff a lot: Readers are leaders. It is not true. It is a lie. And also it is a trap. It is the trap conventional wisdom set for people to edge them away from success and greatness. The system knows that if everyone truly understands the secret of success and greatness, there will be no one for them to push around like a pawn.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. Leaders do read. But the books you read produces nothing until you make something happen.

In the path to success, learning does not come first

I made this mistake also when getting started. I was reading many books and acquiring lots of knowledge. Most of the things I was reading was good stuff but they didn’t really apply to me. In a short while, I became someone loaded with information but not so much with results.

When I realized this, I stopped reading. Not totally though, but I stopped reading everything I can get my hands on. I committed myself to action. I emptied my library and started pushing myself to get results.

Have you ever seen a professional golfer who became a pro by reading a book?

Have you ever seen an athlete who became a pro by reading a book? How about a football star who learned how to play football from a book? It never happened. And it will never happen. Life is not that way.

The way to get good as a boxer is to throw punches and get hit by some. You can’t script out what you’re going to do in the boxing ring before you get in.

The idea that learning and doing are two different activities is a trap that keeps people mediocre

You truly learn to do by doing. You learn to play golf by playing golf. You learn to sprint by sprinting. You learn to play football by playing football. You learn to box by boxing. As it is true in sport, so it is in other aspects of life.

You learn to buy a business by buying a business. You learn to do public speaking by doing public speaking. You learn to lead by leading people. You learn to invest by investing. You learn to parent by parenting. You learn to love people by loving people. You learn to run a business by running a business. You learn to attract customers by attracting customers.

The point is not to get it perfectly the first time. In fact, you will not get it perfectly the first time. But you have to be committed to it to become a pro.

The proper way to get started is to attempt

Better is the person who attempts than the guy who is preparing and reading books. If you don’t attempt and fail, you will not know where you need help. And the help you’ll need will rarely come from a book.

In conclusion, don’t be a learner. Instead, be a doer. Do first and then when you get it wrong, find out what you didn’t get right. I know that may scare you, but it is the way successful people become successful.


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