It’s not okay to fail (a rhythmic poem)

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Sitting there, enjoying the cool of the day

Then the phone beeps, ‘hey, you have a mail'

At the thought of who it might be, the brain goes yaay!

Then the words stare at you, and the mind goes frail

The first stage is denial, ‘there’s no way I’d fail'

But then you look again, this is no folktale

Some might even decide to cool off with wine and ale

The morning beckons, a pill for the ail

Life is not over, no need to look pale

The day rises, there’s no time to wail

You tell yourself, ‘it’s not okay to fail'

So you hide the shame and keep the pain

Panel-beat the exterior and try to nail another sale

Win or lose, you still played under hail

‘This must be it’, you set your sail

Only to find out you have to ride on rails

C’mon man, is it okay to fail?

Oh yeah, it’s because you’re not a male

You see, actually we are looking for a female

‘But hey, what about all that time I spent at Yale?’

Maybe you should be happy you’re not in jail

Cos if you were charged where would you get money for bail?

Now a storyteller, a container of stuff that some call a pail

It must be fate, it must be okay to fail

They told me I’ll be the head and not the tail

They said I’ll get to choose what I’ll be paid

But now they don’t even respond to the biggest ‘HEY!’

Calls, messages, tweets, not even mails

‘But I just want to do something that won’t fail'

Maybe after all, it’s okay to fail

Fail, fail, fail till success comes your way

And then you can tell others, ‘it’s not okay to fail'

Because the moment you think it’s okay, you’ve thrown success away

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