Is This Typical Middle-Class Attitude Holding You Back from Making More Money?

It is usually hard for people to admit this

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When it comes to making more money, attitude plays a huge role. You would be surprised about the things you say NO to on a daily basis, that rich people say YES to.

Middle-class people are people who believe in working for money. They believe in trading hours for cash. And they believe it is a noble thing to do. Many people have built their philosophy around this such that taking a step into wealth feels like betraying their values.

For example, if you ask;

How many people would like to make a million dollars in a few days?

Lots of people will jump up excitedly. Then, ask them how many of them will facilitate a certain law to be passed in the country where they reside. You would see the disappointment in their faces.

It is impossible. It is hard. All those are just excuses. They won’t even try. If they actually tried, they’ll discover that it is not as difficult as they thought.

Not trying at all, is the first crime of wannabes that never be

As bad as that is, it is not the greatest thing holding middle-class people back. When they get excited about the possibilities of getting rich and making more money, they decide to take a leap (that is well-marketed to them).

Then the leap which they have put up some money for turns out not to be as great as they thought it would be. This could be for several reasons. Not because there is no value, but because their expectation was not met. Perhaps they think it was going to be a walk in the park. Then, they make the biggest mistake of their lives:

They ask for their money back

I have never seen a multimillionaire or a billionaire today who talks about getting into something that wasn’t worth it, that asked for their money back. And they all have such instances or experiences.

Rich people stomach losses, that is why they are rich

The middle-class person doesn’t want to lose what they have. You cannot be rich until you lose what you have. It goes away from you, it dies and then something beautiful grows from its grave. That is how rich people get their breakthroughs.

I had a similar experience to that not too long ago. I paid for a training. After the training, I got the feeling of “you have lost your money”. But I shook it off, I said, “I am going to make the most out of this value I got even though it looks like a loss”. And it paid off in a big way.

The biggest problem of middle-class people is the feeling or desire that they don’t want to be cheated or taken advantage of. And their biggest mistake is openly admitting that such happened to them. The biggest way to accept that is to pay for value (especially information or knowledge) and ask for your money back.

You can learn from even the most foolish of persons. If someone who is not completely mentally unstable gives you value or information, and you claim you didn’t learn anything, you will never learn anything. That attitude will keep you from making any significant progress in your financial life.

Every successful person I know looks back at their story and points out lessons from even the most ridiculous experiences

To say you didn’t learn anything is to affirm that you will never learn anything.

I know someone who pays $100K yearly for mentorship that is just a few conversations per year. Let’s assume you didn’t pay anything and you have the same access to the mentorship. You and that guy (who pays $100k) may be told the same things but I assure you that you won’t hear the same thing.

If you want to make progress financially, STOP that practice today! Never ask for your money back if you paid for a service that was rendered (even if it is way below your expectations). You can decide you will never pay for such again, but never ask for your money back.

It’s okay to make losses but it is not okay to walk back on your financial commitment

If you desire refunds, seek it in the form of a better product or service than what you just got. Never ask for the money back. Never ever do. It is a pattern that is hard to explain, but people who do never go beyond where they are financially.

I hope you have learned something


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