Is There an End to Mass Shootings?

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This is an uncomfortable subject to write about. I won’t try to bore you with all the statistics and analysis paralysis about the issue from the beginning of time. You know what happened. I do too. Let’s talk about answers.

Is it possible for mass shootings to end?

I think the better question is this; what kind of end do we want? Do we want a society restricted and incapacitated or we want a free and morally sound society?

It’s hard to talk about solutions to problems like this without talking about guns. Some would dare say that there wouldn’t be such an incident if there were no guns. That has led to a broad debate in recent years.

On the surface, it seems taking the guns away will solve the problem. But critically, the sad truth is that it won’t. If guns were never invented, it would have been reasonable. But we live in an advanced world already. Someone once mentioned that if guns were confiscated, the good guys will release theirs but the bad guys will keep theirs.

Yes, I know the sight of a gun isn’t funny. I don’t like it myself (except in movies). But certain individuals are used to the life. Restricting the ownership of guns would mean infringing on their freedom. That is a valid point until someone decides to do something stupid with the gun.

A gun is just a tool and a very dangerous tool. The gun doesn’t have a mind of its own. It only does the will of its carrier. So I think we should talk about the carrier.

By the way, are we trying to stop mass shootings specifically or large scale evil acts? This is one thing I feel most of the world doesn’t get. What is the result we want? People talk about mass shootings when it happens and forget about it after a few weeks (until another one happens).

What result do we want to see in the world?

There is something about a problem. Talking about the problem doesn’t produce a solution. Instead, a clear picture of the result we want produces the solutions. The only way to truly stop something is to start something that swallows it up. When we get clarity about the result we want, what to do to get there becomes obvious.

“End mass shootings” is not a result. It is still a problem. Why? That is because “mass shootings” is still in there. The result we want must not include the words “mass shootings”.

For example, if you are hungry, you don’t sit down and analyze your hunger. What you do is that you decide what you want to eat. Then you go buy it or go make it. So you don’t discuss your current state, instead you decide the result you want and make it happen.

So what result do we want? No guns? That’s a viable result, but is it really practicable? Are you saying people who commit such a despicable act won’t find the guns to do it if the ownership of guns become illegal? Most (if not all) of those who get guns to use it for that purpose get it illegally. There are societies that are not used to guns. But there are others who are used to it. Guns won’t just disappear from the face of the earth even if made illegal everywhere.

What result do we want? No mass gathering of people? We all know this doesn’t make sense.

What result do we want? No mentally challenged persons gone violent. This is a great goal. But it is also difficult to achieve. It is the most promising goal that can be aimed at. I think a center where sanity can be restored to a wandering soul can help with this.

Virtually nobody agrees that they have a mental challenge initially. So if you have a mental health center, you have already created a barrier. I wouldn’t want to walk into a “mental health center”. Even people on the edge of a mental breakdown won’t like to go there because people don’t like to admit they have mental health challenges.

Mental health problems are so common and you never know when someone is on the verge of snapping. Most times when doctors and health workers get to know about a person’s condition, it is quite late. Most don’t even admit it early. So the best thing to hope for is a center that doesn’t say “mental health” but structured in a way that helps people get over their mental challenges when it is still minimal.

If it is not a place a perfectly healthy person can walk into, it won’t work.

What result do we want? No imagination of shootings? It will take a miracle to achieve that. There is history, videos, social media, movies, and so on. The imagination will certainly come to some people but it must be dealt with as early as possible before it takes root.

That is all the possible outcomes I can think of for now. The only one that made sense to me is the center for persons with mental health challenges. But it must be a place for everyone. Perhaps with some AI technology analyzing everyone that walks in and detecting disturbing patterns based on several parameters. That is possible. But to have it eradicate mass shootings, it will take some years.

Finally, this is not a utopian world. This world is much closer to absolute imperfection than perfection. Some people just want to carry out despicable acts.

So the best answer for the present moment is for a good person who rightly owns a gun (and can use it well) to get to the scene of the mass shooting early

Such a person can end the stupidity in no time. This is the only immediate viable answer.

I understand that you want to feel safe. If you don’t feel safe where you are, leave. Find a “safer” place. Protests and social media arguments won’t resolve anything. Be wise for your own life.

I rest my case.

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