Is There an End to Mass Shootings?

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Is it possible for mass shootings to end?

I think the better question is this; what kind of end do we want? Do we want a society restricted and incapacitated or we want a free and morally sound society?

What result do we want to see in the world?

There is something about a problem. Talking about the problem doesn’t produce a solution. Instead, a clear picture of the result we want produces the solutions. The only way to truly stop something is to start something that swallows it up. When we get clarity about the result we want, what to do to get there becomes obvious.

If it is not a place a perfectly healthy person can walk into, it won’t work.

What result do we want? No imagination of shootings? It will take a miracle to achieve that. There is history, videos, social media, movies, and so on. The imagination will certainly come to some people but it must be dealt with as early as possible before it takes root.

So the best answer for the present moment is for a good person who rightly owns a gun (and can use it well) to get to the scene of the mass shooting early

Such a person can end the stupidity in no time. This is the only immediate viable answer.

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